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  1. This has been revealing in that I have been a judge advocate for this club for 3 months and was looking for some sense in the rules to make reasonable decisions..I am a retired hospital CEO, have run numerous board meetings and committee meetings, and have never run into such a morass just to move on from a dicey situation..I was not looking for a rule to suspend something "no matter what"...I wanted to help frankly (a group of men) move on from the majority decision to go non-smoking on the 31st of December . There' s one member of our group (that has a tenth of the sophistication that any of you have), but constantly calls points of order, monopolizes the meeting with reading from the book , and quotes the book when none other of us know if it's being misused or not..sigh..this really has been helpful and thank you. I can use many of your responses and trust me Daniel, I have given a lot thought about it.
  2. Well george that's kind of what I thought after trying to wade through this book. I am very new at this and find myself not liking Robert very much..thanks to his wisdom, you either always have a way out or no way out!
  3. Any number is fine..no magic intended..just want to move on
  4. So it has been passed that we go non-smoking on December 31st. We think smokers (who lost 55 to 15) will bring it up again this month to go non-smoking just during mealtime. This has been on the agenda in various forms since August . The chair is asking me how we move forward since the 2/3 majority has decided to go non-smoking on the 31st. Thus my question can a member move that we set the conversation aside for some period of time?
  5. We have moved and chosen a date to go non-smoking in our club. This has gone back and forth from attempting to rescind it, to finally amending it and choosing the date. In order for this to not be brought up at every meeting here out, is it appropriate to move that it not be brought up again for two years?
  6. Another question I have is a motion was made and approved to go non-smoking the end of December at august's meeting. At September 's meeting a member indicated he was going to attempt to amend the motion by following the procedure to post his intention. He subsequently followed the procedure to rescind the motion by posting it at the post. He is being told since he said he would AMEND it, he can't now RESCIND it. I think that is splitting hairs and he has the right to bring his motion to rescind to the october meeting .
  7. Thank you! It's pretty much blind acceptance. I am not aware this group even knows they can influence the agenda as no one ever sees it before the meeting nor at the meeting to my knowledge .
  8. So the commander can put the election on the agenda as the first order of business.?...it would be important to fill the two vacancies before the rest of the meeting proceeds. That's how I understand #14
  9. we have two officers who resigned and new replacements have been selected by the commander and approved by the executive committee . They need to be approved by general membership at our next meeting. Can that be the first item on the agenda after the meeting is called to order?
  10. Actually it was phrased as the exec. Committee presented it in their minutes....The motion was to "expand the bartenders from 3 to six" to supposedly comply with some law..membership voted "no " unanimously ..subsequent motion was to hire an alternate bartender to fill in when there is a sickness or absenteeism..the real case here is that the personal motive for the challenger was to get a volunteer bartender job for someone, and tried to find a law that supported it..thank you for your input. It's clear to me that our vote was totally legit...
  11. At a recent 501c19 meeting (amvets) it was voted to not expand the current volunteer bartenders from 3 to 6. It is claimed this will be challenged at the next meeting because it is in violation of state law. There is no state law that I can find that pertains to volunteer bartenders. There is law applying to employees who are bartenders which I don't believe applies. I believe the vote should stand.
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