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  1. action jackson

    Consent Agenda Items

    Well, you can look at it as two questions, both with the answer of "yes"... You can place the items there on the calendar, yes To do so would be a bad mistake, yes A wonderful quote to keep in mind: Ian Malcolm: "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." (Jurassic Park) - Peace
  2. action jackson

    Consent Agenda Items

    Exactly Mr. Goldsworthy. I am not on any misapprehension on anything, I am simply not being one sided on the issue when it comes to the RONR. Can you do it, sure, create the special rule and go against the recommendation with respect to what the rest of the RONR says. I guess, being human, anyone can drink and then decide to drive... doesn't make it right to do so just because you are holding the keys.
  3. action jackson

    Consent Agenda Items

    Treasurer Reports?
  4. action jackson

    Consent Agenda Items

    Let us remember that these are for matters "for consideration" i.e. a matter in which action may be involved. (previously mentioned, pg. 361) A report for informational purposes does not meet that criteria. The items on a consent calendar are there to be considered, hence "consent" The question was asked if they "can"... the word to look at though is "routine" - the question that has to be asked before a report is placed on the consent calendar is, does the report have a recommendation, a matter to be considered, or any requested motions? If it does not, and is simply for information only, then obviously that type of report should stay off the consent calendar.
  5. action jackson

    Consent Agenda Items

    The RONR does state to make a motion to approve or to accept a report is seldom wise. Although I can agree, as we all would, that societies can create special rules, some of those rules may be considered somewhat minor while other major. To accept reports would be considered a major special rule and hence inadvisable simply based on the RONR. Using RONR to interpret RONR, reports need to stay out of a Consent Calendar... it is information, not something to act on. A motion would come into play if: 1) a recommendation was made within the report or 2) an action arises out of the information provided in the report The society/board can then act (or not act) by making a motion on the recommendation/action, not the report. Reference: RONR, 11th ed., pgs 361; 506-508 Other discussions on the matter...