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  1. I meant if the chair improperly ruled an amendment out of order on this basis, what would be the recourse, but it seems you answered that any member could then appeal the ruling
  2. I've found it a common practice, specifically at conventions, to rule out of order amendments which "alter the motion so much that it is in effect no longer the same motion". Sometimes this could be just a few words. 1) I haven't found any basis for this in RONR; does it contain any such prohibition? 2) If not, what's the procedure to address this since the point of order has already been ruled on? Can a member other than the one who raised the point make the appeal?
  3. Thank you all. UPDATE: the Rules Committee amended the rule to reference RONR latest edition.
  4. I guess that's what I was thinking, but I'm not trying to "throw something against the wall" if it doesn't really work, just to make sure we are interpreting appropriately so every member has their voice heard! Thanks again for all the effort. I think I'm clear now.
  5. Am I correct that you agree that the authority cited by the bylaws and convention rules are conflicting? I wasn't sure whether "Robert's Rules" could be interpreted as some generic catchall term (like we use Xerox to mean any kind of photocopy), or whether it clearly meant the "official" lineage culminating in RONR 12th ed.
  6. Hmm... that's what I was afraid of given that I think it will be hard to amend (I picture a sea of sleeping delegates as we delve into parliamentary nuance), although I now wonder if it's even in order to deviate from Robert's Rules given the bylaw provision: If the bylaws say that the Convention is governor by Robert's Rules unless expressly superseded by the bylaws, it seems to me (not that I'm an expert by any means) that powers beyond Robert's Rules can't be granted "full stop" - not by committee, standing rule, or even the assembly.
  7. Question 1 If bylaws cite "Robert's Rules of Order" as the parliamentary authority without specifying publisher, version, etc., is a certain version implied or is there latitude in interpretation? Could it mean "any version from any source"?! Our bylaws state: I assumed that "Convention, shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order" would mean the latest RONR, which I've been using as my reference given that "RONR is considered the most authoritative"[1]. Is that a correct/safe interpretation? Does it muddy the water at all that the above provision mentions "the most rece
  8. Thanks again for walking through this with me. I accidentally submitted the form before my post was complete. There was also this: Rule No. 2: The manner of reporting by Committees shall be as follows: If the Committee makes revisions, modifications, or other changes in the resolution as submitted, the reporting member, after summarizing the resolution, giving the Committee’s recommendation and the reasons for its recommendation, shall state, “On behalf of the Committee, I move adoption of the resolution as revised. An ‘aye’ vote will be in favor of the adopt
  9. I checked the rules from the previous convention, as I assume that template will be proposed for this convention, with minor modifications (e.g. update the dates and times). Rule No. 1: Before there can be debate on a resolution, the Convention Committee to which that resolution has been referred, shall have the right to report on the resolution and to give the reasons for the Committee’s recommendations. Only after the Committee has moved consideration of the resolution can general debate on the resolution proceed. Rule No. 2
  10. Thank you for your reply. The bylaws say: Rules of Order Deliberations, including the Executive Board meetings and the Convention, shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order to the extent that such Rules are not superseded by express provisions of the International’s Constitution and By-Laws. There is a "Committee on Rules of Order", but I would think that they would have the same inherent limitation on their power and would not be able to empower any committee beyond what the bylaws and by extension Robert's Rules allow without approval of the assem
  11. How much authority does a Convention committee, created by the President [1] to receive resolutions at convention, other than the Resolutions Committee, have in disposing of those resolutions where they are not explicitly given any particular powers? Specifically, can they (extensively) revise a resolution, and submit the revised resolution to the body as their own? My (possibly naive) interpretation is that their report would have to start with the original resolution and explicitly list each recommended amendment, not simply substitute their resolution for the original and recommend adoption
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