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  1. George As I figured as regarding content, however storage and accessibility to the Executive Session minutes is the greater concern, as Standard Meeting minutes are kept digitally on corporate servers and any member of the Board and invited others (ED, high position staff, Board consultants). Executive Session minutes are manually inscribed and kept as secret records that are transferred to the newly elected officer after the end of the Secretary's Term.
  2. What is the content of Executive Session minutes and how are they stored and accessed
  3. What is the complete process for Executive Session minutes - taking, storing, approving, and RONR reference
  4. Hopefully this help. As the motion was presented as a recommendation by the a Committee, it does not need a second, therefore one was not made, but the Finance Committee did not make a decision to present this as a recommendation, therefore this is just a motion and since it was not seconded didn't it die, and the vote was asked for on something that did not exist.
  5. The topic was provided as a recommendation from the Finance Committee by the Chair of the Finance Committee, however there was no action made at the Finance Committee to make this recommendation. This is taken from a direct reading of the minutes from both meetings.
  6. An Agenda was approved at the beginning of the meeting and the topic brought up at the end for a vote was not on the agenda. Is the vote valid?
  7. Thank all of you It will be interesting, I will post the final outcome, it will be a couple of weeks as the discussion by the organization will not happen until then
  8. g40 - I did not hear any debate, except for the previous motion that was withdrawn, that started the Brouhaha nor I was not aware of the vote.
  9. Thank you, I feel the same as I sited the RONR text, however when a motion was brought up at the last meeting, it was stated by the person that should be replaced that it has always been done that way and no problem has occurred. Richard, the Parliamentarian is an appointed position by the chair of the Board. The Caucus Representative to the Board is elected by the Caucus, the motion that was made is that since the individual was appointed a Parliamentarian to the Board they can't & shouldn't be elected by the Caucus as Caucus Board Representative
  10. The Chair and the Vice-Chair have said my minutes were incorrect and that the motion was made, but no one else had confirmed what the motion said or was even made. I favor the non-entry and have it voted on at the next regular meeting of the organization. Thank you.
  11. Our organization has a Board of Directors in Columbia, SC and then is divided into 10 territorial Caucuses. The Chair of the Board appointed an individual, who is a member of our Caucus, as Parliamentarian for the Board. The Board is comprised of the Executive Officers (Chair, Chair protem, Treasurer, Secretary, Records Clerk), the Parliamentarian, Chairs of each Caucus and a Board Representative for each Caucus. The Board Representative for our Caucus is also the appointed Parliamentarian, a motion at our Caucus was recently made that another person from our Caucus should be the Board Representative for our Caucus, because the Parliamentarian can't hold both positions since the Parliamentarian can't put aside their Parliamentarian duties temporarily to take on the duties of the other office. It was determined during debate that this would best be taken on by the Board, so the motion was withdrawn. There was much cacophony, I could hear nothing, supposedly a motion was made to take it to the Board, but I never heard.
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