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  1. Our non-profit has modified and changed contents around in our rule book. Do we have to read the entire document in front of an open board meeting before we vote on it ??
  2. If our non profit has revised many rules, can we motion to approve all changes in one motion?
  3. I'm assuming the current board. The board will not release any information to the members.
  4. How does the board reduce wages when they are so out of line? Wages are 2/5 of membership dues
  5. The link was helpful. now I need to change the vote for 1 particular motion. What is the best way to do this ??
  6. Is it better to do this change for 1 item at a time? I would be interested in why you don't think this is a good idea.
  7. What is the procedure for going to a board meeting and proposing the change of majority vote to 2/3 majority vote ? Does it have to get an the agenda first ?? Thanks for your help
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