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  1. I have a question regarding taking an item of business that was put on the table. At a meeting several years ago, a motion giving staff direction was placed on the table. The directors have not formally met since and unfortunately the direction was never addressed. We have a formal meeting tomorrow and the item was brought back as “Business Arising from the Minutes”. Do we need a motion to take the item back from the table before discussion? Is there a time period whereby the previous motion expires? If a motion is required what might the wording be?
  2. We have a 5 member committee and only 3 were in attendance. The motion to approve the draft minutes of the previous meeting was presented. The first member moved the motion but the second member of the committee had not been in attendance. That left the Chair to second it. Should the motion have been tabled to the next meeting or was it okay for the Chair to second it?
  3. Yesterday we had a committee meeting scheduled and at the start time, quorum was not in place, missing one member. After waiting 30 minutes, quorum was still not in place but the Chair called the meeting to order and it proceeded with discussion only. Fifteen minutes later, the missing member arrived. Can the meeting officially pass motions at the time of her arrival even though the meeting was in session (not passing motions) before her arrival?
  4. Hello, I am the recording secretary for a government agency in Canada. Last month we had a delegate give a presentation and the BOD response was to not grant him his request. The delegate wasn't too pleased and made accusatory remarks against a couple of the directors and against the chair. Using the Freedom of Information request procedure he requested a copy of my hand written draft notes. My question is, are my notes part of the public record? I tend to write a lot of conversation down in order to help with context when completing the typed draft minutes, and I understand tha
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