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  1. So what we ended up doing was defeating all 4 amendments and submitting a new amendment to just change the time of the meeting. In order to adopt a By-Law amendment a motion to adopt with a second is required to proceed with a vote unless they were submitted by a committee, correct? After the 1st amendment was defeated there was no motion or second to move forward with the other 3. Was that done correctly? I know we had always done amendments incorrectly in the past where they were just submitted and voted on after being read three times.
  2. A By-Law amendment was submitted in our organization to change quite a few things. I have attached the text of the amendment that was presented. An amendment requires a 3/4 majority per our By-Laws. The only thing that I believe most of us will agree on is the change of the meeting time from 7:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Is there a way to strip everything else out of it and keep just the time change? Cyclone Proposed ByLaw Changes (Summary) - v1.1.docx
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