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  1. You folks are very helpful and I appreciate your input. It can be confusing sometimes when you are not face to face. It happens all the time in "texting." When I used etc. I was referring to making motions also. Anyway, I think we have had enough back and forth that I'm fairly comfortable with the answers and their accuracy. Thanks Much & Blessings2U!
  2. OK, Thank you. I think I understand. You meant that society members are only allowed to attend Executive Board meetings, but entering debate, etc. is prohibited unless by a 2/3 majority decision of the E-Board to suspend the rules. Correct?
  3. Daniel H Honemann...let me rephrase what I think you said. Did you say your assessment of this bylaw provision is that society members are NOT actually prohibited from entering debate, making motions and attending Executive Board meetings? In my mind, your answer says they have every right that Executive Board members have in the Executive Board meetings. Is this what you meant to say?
  4. Thanks to each one who has responded to this question. In reference to Daniel H Honemann's suggestion that it depends on "exactly how this bylaw provision is worded," I'll quote from it...[society members] "are allowed attendance at meetings of all committees, including the Executive Board, except the executive sessions." Does this shed any light, Daniel, which would change your answer in any way?
  5. Thank you Nancy...does anyone have page numbers and RONR sections to go to on this questions. I've got "legalists" around me.
  6. I chair an organization and some of our members attend, as allowed in our bylaws, the Executive Board meetings. Can those members, who are not on the Executive Board, speak in debate or make presentations in those meetings?
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