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  1. The president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer constitute the executive board. Alice is elected president, Bob is elected vice president and is then elected secretary, and Charlie is elected treasurer. The bylaws don’t mention what happens if someone holds two offices. Would Bob have one or two votes at executive board meetings?
  2. You seem to be implying that the Executive Board could appoint general staff through the passage of a motion (the organization only meets twice a year and the EB has full authority over the organization’s affairs in between those two meetings). How is this the case if the constitution explicitly grants the president the power to appoint general staff, and the EB the power to appoint independent staff?
  3. I'm familiar with that passage, but my concern is that it specifically refers to committee appointments.
  4. "Staff" is just a term we use. They aren't paid, there are no contracts, and the organization is not incorporated :).
  5. Our constitution tasks the president with appointing a number of "general staff" positions, and the Executive Board with appointing a number of "independent staff" positions. The constitution does not specify the term for such positions, nor a procedure for removing staff. Can the president unilaterally remove general staff, and the executive board independent staff? I know RONR says that a president with the authority to appoint committee members may also remove them, but I'm not sure if that applies to other things as well. Here is a link to our constitution. Articles 7-9 are particularly relevant: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HasJflfN5CKSqdEz0n3ihdK3cgq6-3ooyuBq0pFllRs/edit?usp=sharing Edit: the staff are not paid, there are no contracts, and the organization is not incorporated
  6. mjhmjh

    Changing the Order of Election

    It is my understanding that a motion can only be taken from the table under the class of business it was originally made (in the case of elections, special orders). Would the motion to take the election of the vice president from the table have to be made following all other elections? Or could it be made, say, between the election of the secretary and treasurer?
  7. mjhmjh

    Changing the Order of Election

    Instead of either of those two methods, would it be in order to adopt an agenda at the beginning of the meeting with an alternate election order? Edit: Or to table the election of a certain officer and take it from the table later in the meeting?
  8. Based upon my reading of the section in RONR on standing rules for a convention, there wouldn't need to be notice, but the rules could only be adopted by a 2/3 vote. Is that right?
  9. The usual practice is that they are applied only to the biannual meeting at which they are adopted, the reasoning being that the by-laws state "each biannual meeting."
  10. My organization only meets twice a year. To accommodate the unique needs of each biannual meeting, the by-laws state that "the Secretary must propose special rules of order for each biannual meeting." Adopting special rules of order normally requires a 2/3 vote and notice. However, since the by-laws require that he or she propose special rules of order, need the Secretary give notice? Additionally, can notice for special rules of order merely summarize the proposed special rules of order, rather than include their exact text?
  11. mjhmjh

    Changing the Order of Election

    I just wanted to check because it's in the by-laws. However, that makes sense.
  12. Say the officers of an organization are a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer, listed in that order in the by-laws and, per RONR, elected in that order. However, following several rounds of balloting for vice-president, it becomes clear that the vice-presidential election will take much longer than expected, posing the risk that quorum will be lost (as members leave as the night drags on) before the last two elections can take place. Would it be in order to suspend the rules and elect the secretary and treasurer before the vice-president?