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  1. Our Association is considering doing away with the Nominating Committee as the method of nomination of its officers.  I would really like to have some feedback from some folks who work with various groups around the country to get arguments for and against using that method as opposed say to having potential nominees nominated from the floor at the annual committee.  In our Society some of the members are convinced that a couple of members who have served 2 non-contiguous one year terms (which is prevented by the bylaws) spoke out in committee against a perfectly qualified candidate who had performed her duties more than satisfactorily was not nominated for a higher office, or to any other office despite her having expressed her willingness to do so.  This member is one of the senior members of the Association.  There is speculation that this member was not nominated, not because she was not qualified, but because of a handicap she has a result of a disease.  This of course can't be confirmed.  What if anything can be done about this situation?

    Dennis Clark, PRP

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