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  1. If a society established an executive committee, where and how should be listed in the their bylaws?
  2. I believe that an executive committee is a board within a board and has the powers to act and make decisions in the name of the board. I think the executive board refers to the actual board of directors. I also, from my reading, think that if there is an executive committee that it has to be stated as such in the bylaws right after the establishement of a board of directors. My sutdy club, Robert's Rules Study Club, has advised me to do more research before getting myself too far afield So I am looking for some direction
  3. RONR 11TH ed makes a strong argument that the chair should maintain a neutral and objective posture, when there is a debate. I like that idea and therfore I believe that the chair should make eveery attempt to stay above the debate. My study club members maintain that the chair can and may participate in debate. To me that contradicts the argument that the chair should remain neutral. I believe this may be the reason so many people, educated people, see Robert's Rules as unnecessary and arbitrary. I am like the grasshopper in my club, but it seems to me tha the chair and the assembly should go into committee of the whole, whereby the chair appoints another to run question in order that he or she can get involved in the debate. I thikn I upset people and I never felt like I was given any proper direction. I was simply told that I was wrong. Like to read some opinions based on RONR.
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