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  1. Thank you all for your assistance! I was not aware of this usage of "the assembly" in RONR and was tripping over the fact that committees are not, in a the strictest sense, assemblies. I have learned more about the details surrounding the request and it appears that you have identified their reasoning. This is the correct interpretation. Again, I greatly appreciate all of your help on this. I lurk here fairly often, but am a little too slow on the trigger to get a post in that someone else hasn't already written in much more detail and with greater rigor. Thanks for being
  2. Thank you. I was wondering because RONR explicitly states that authorization from "the assembly" is required. I wasn't sure if RONR was referring to the entire body as "the assembly" or if, since we ware talking about a committee meeting, the committee would be "the assembly" in question.
  3. I am part of an organization where the chair of standing committee "A" (as part of his official report to the body) announced unexpectedly that a contentious question would be coming before standing committee "B". This is, of course, inappropriate because that announcement had not gone through committee "A" and, therefore, should not have been part of their official report. In addition, the issue is outside the charge committee "A". Although this action cannot be undone, it has some difficult consequences. Members of committee "B" are concerned that they will not be able to vote freely du
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