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  1. Elle Tee

    Improper Use of Minutes

    Yes, that would be ideal. ?
  2. Elle Tee

    Improper Use of Minutes

    I agree, that was the first of several improper and petty actions by the administrator. Is there any recourse?
  3. Elle Tee

    Improper Use of Minutes

    I sit as a member of a municipal citizen advisory committee. The administer recently used the minutes to promote a personal agenda by misquoting the content of an email brought forward at the meeting in the minutes and; omitted a portion of amended minutes that were carried at a previous meeting. Are there any clear legal or ethical lines crossed in these cases and how to best address it without getting personal? Would there be any good reason to just let it go instead of engaging in what will likely be a hostile response. I'll mention we have a weak Chair that doesn't call for decorum, allows the use of names when things are tense and allows it to get personal. Thanks for your responses. Elle