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  1. The whole site is invalidated for that reason.
  2. Thanks all. This seems to fit with my thoughts. 1) It is a matter for the membership through their reps at a quorate meeting and not a matter for the board to decide. 2) The membership* needs to interpret the bylaws and decide if any rules were violated. If not - no revote. 3) If so, then the membership* decides if the proper remedy is a revote. If so it is all or none meaning all of the members and not just those whose votes were in validated. * through their reps at a quorate meeting.
  3. The membership reps has the power in the organization. The board has been the main power simply because the monthly membership meetings are always (yes always) inquorate.
  4. Voting involves a signature and submitting a ballot. If a member wishes to abstain then they do not sign. Some of the people sign then choose to abstain creating undervotes but that is not the issue. Under the bylaws "Ballots will be counted as valid as long as all signatures meet the membership requirement. Envelopes with more ballots than signatures for that site will be declared invalid." and this year the vote is so close those votes will make a difference. The argument is that the Site Representatives did not conduct the election properly " Site Representatives shall have a list of eligible votes in the unit they represent. Members shall acknowledge receipt of a ballot by signing their name on the signature list. The voter shall deposit the marked ballot in a designated ballot envelope. After voting has been completed, the Site Representative shall submit the ballot envelope and the signature list to the custody of the Election Committee or its designated representative. " since clearly there cannot be overvotes if this is administered correctly and this election had a overvotes therefore the bylaws were violated. One reason for this is someone may be a member but not on the list. They can still vote by submitting a membership form but as many Site Reps have the member sign when they return the ballot a couple end up NOT having the member sign if they also return the membership form (no name to sign next to). My contention is that the forum for this is not the Board but rather the membership (through their representatives) at the monthly meeting to deal with the issue.
  5. So your answer to my question is to invent a time machine. Very helpful.
  6. Sorry, read as a member of the Board wants a revote saying nothing in the bylaws prevents a revote.
  7. Dude seriously. If there were rules on revoting in the bylaws do you think I'd be asking here on what the rules are?
  8. But not per se - per bylaws. There were more ballots than voter signatures.
  9. A group of votes for officers of the organization from certain reporting sites are invalid under the bylaws (votes and voter numbers don't match). A member of the Board wants a revote saying nothing in the bylaws prevents a recount (yes I know, nothing in the bylaws prevent the President from robbing a bank either). Noticably absent from these discussions is an actual copy of the Election Committee's rules - instead the discussion is all about "what we have always done", "what is fair" etc. The question is, are there ANY circumstances where a body can have a revote of a balloted election of officers assuming the election followed all rules and if so, can it only be selected votes or would it have to be everybody?
  10. This confuses me too. Usually the reason to table a motion is pretty obvious.
  11. Perfectly clear that the Chairman can give up his authority on any and all matters. My point is that the assembly can choose to have a Chair that acts as the Chair by removing them from office if they feel the Chair is delegating authority without good reason.
  12. I agree with the OP's conclusion and the solution for a Chairman not serving the duties of the Chairman would be removal of the Chairman.
  13. "Mister (or Madame) President I move the Previous Question. Passes 35 to 15.
  14. Interesting question. Suppose the rules are Suspended to deal with X. Motion is made, debate happens and the vote is taken. Rules no longer suspended - pretty obvious right? But then there is a motion to Reconsider. Do the rules automatically get resuspended? Or a motion is made to Postpone to a Definite Time. When that time comes do you need another motion to suspend the rules?
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