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  1. p 290 Standard Characteristic 6 states a Request to be Excused from a Duty is amendable so why can't the assembly amend the effective date?
  2. Best I can translate this is: We elected someone for President but his term has not started yet. If we no longer want him to become President can we do something to prevent him from becoming President?
  3. But can he be compelled to? Interestingly the next line starts, "It is also a duty ..." So does that mean giving advice to the chair and members is a duty and the next sentence refers to an additional duty OR does it mean that in addition to the work (that may be optional?)of giving advice there is other work that is a duty?
  4. Even if the Board doesn't send notice, I don't think that would bar the member from presenting the amendments. At worse there would be an issue for anything requiring previous notice. Of course at that meeting the membership could also prefer charges against members of the Board for not following the bylaws.
  5. So just to clarify, if the election is held during a time NOT at a meeting it would be out of order to, at a meeting, Suspend the Rules to ignore the bylaws for an alternate way to run the election. Sorry I think that question is poorly worded. I guess the real question is: is it out of order to Suspend the bylaws to change the rules for actions outside of the meeting since by definition those rules are not rules of order?
  6. Perhaps a hijack or perhaps not. The bylaws can only be suspended for an election at a meeting, correct? If the election were via email or polling place or carrier pigeon then the motion to Suspend would be out of order since it is not business during a meeting. Is that wrong?
  7. The problem is when EVERYTHING is offered as a "friendly amendment" because of ignorance of the rules.
  8. This is exactly what happened at the convention. The original maker of the motion was given the first opportunity to object and if they didn't it was opened up to the assembly to object. Personally I think that is a poor way to handle it. If I were presiding I would have explained the rules the first time it happened and then afterwards say, "There is no friendly amendment in the rules, the motion to amend is ..."
  9. I had always thought that electronic voting needed to be authorized by the bylaws but p 419 would seem to imply that electronic voting through voting machines would be allowed without specific reference in the bylaws. Imagine this: a member logs in with a one-time use code given when they sign in* and on one of a dozen laptops fills out their ballot. Would this be allowed if not approved in the bylaws? Also, I imagine that a space would need to be allowed for a write-in vote since write-ins are not disallowed in the bylaws. Assume the method of distributing the code ensures secrecy.
  10. At the latest convention I was at, the Chair not wishing to fight that continual "I offer a friendly amendment" chose to interpret it as "I ask unanimous consent to amend the motion ..."
  11. Thanks. I missed that he was conducting the meeting.
  12. Here's my question. Why is the Parliamentarian who is not even a member taking such an active role in running the convention instead of just advising?
  13. No if anyone else has already voted. Holding his vote doesn't prolong the voting, it would be an abstention. p 408: Interruption of votes
  14. Did elijah ever trap the chairman when he threatened to resign by saying "I second the Request to be Excused from Duty"? I've been waiting 5 years to find out.
  15. Let's say that a revote for an election is needed and because of the rules there is a significant delay, in this case it is a vote of the membership so ballots need to be printed and distributed. In between the election and the revote the bylaws are changed to change the rules of the election such as from majority to plurality or write in vote permitted to not permitted. Bylaw amendments take effect immediately (unless specified in the bylaw) so could this change affect the rules of the election for the revote?
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