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  1. When a vote by ballot is recounted, how is it recorded in the minutes? 1) At the time (during the meeting) the initial vote was reported, but showing the results of the recount, instead of what was initially reported. 2) At the time (during the meeting) the recounted vote was reported, stating they are recounted results. 3) Or, are both results entered into the minutes, at the time and place where they occurred? 4) Something else? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. An office carries with it only the rights necessary for executing the duties of the office, and it does not deprive a member of the society of his rights as a member. If a person holds an office in a society of which he is not a member and the bylaws make that officer an ex-officio member of the board, the nonmember is thereby a full-fledged board member with all the accompanying rights; but this does not make him a member of the society. RONR (11th ed.), p. 448, ll. 3-10
  3. An excellent reference; thank you, @Richard Brown! This was, in-part, what transpired in the conversation I referred to in my earlier post on this topic - referencing why we use parliamentary procedure. The group (committee members) were displeased (to say it mildly) there were so many rules to follow (in our organization, which follows Robert's Rules of Order).
  4. I just referred to this topic today. These are not my words, but words of a well-resepected parliamentarian.
  5. Is it possible that "the committee" is the nominating committee?
  6. The following statements from RONR 11th Edition may help. I believe the written notice for a special meeting to be a single document, not to be shared with any other (ie - newsletter), and that the following supports that. I'm new and learning, and open to all comments.
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