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  1. True, thanks. If I only knew then, what ....
  2. Our by-laws stipulate that the Past President is a voting board member and we have a procedure to fill vacancies caused by resignations. However, we are now in a position that a Past President has resigned, and we do not know how to fill that position (or whether we need to do so). Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks to all: Points of clarification: bylaws state that revisions must be approved by the committee, the executive board determined that the chair of the committee would not be impartial and would bury the recommendations, the committee was never formed and so never met, and so missed its deadline, and so the board acted. Our procedure is for the executive board and then general board to approve or reject modifications to the by-laws and then they are sent to the membership for public comments, and then the modification process begins again. At the end of the process, the general membership votes on the proposed changes. Question: once the board has voted (based on point number 2 and 3, above), is this binding?
  4. This is my first posting, thanks in advance. Our organization has a constitution and by-laws committee and they are in charge of suggesting changes to the by-laws. However, during a board meeting of the the entire board, the board voted unanimously to make a specific change to the bylaws. The committee chair states that this was improper because it did not go through the committee. However, the president, vice president and executive director believe that the board can discuss and vote on any issue of import to the organization and the entire board's decision supersedes any committee (composed of non-board members) and that the board is the only legally statutory body of the organization and that once the board votes, the decision is final (assuming that the vote was legally carried out). Can someone help and clarify this? A reference to rules of order would be most helpful. Thanks in advance, Tom
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