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  1. It would be the wording consistency. If the word means this in several places it would stand to reason that "regular mail" would mean "postal mail" . I do not think it is that hard to understand that the wording " regular mail" means "postal mail" when it is used in other sections of the Bylaws as just "mail" and means "postal mail" because you have to use envelopes for "postal mail" . "mail" and "regular mail" are the same, which is "postal mail" . There is no form in this club to accept e-mail as a form of communication other than "postal mail" for ballot voting.
  2. If in other sections of the Bylaws, it is stated that they will mail ballots with envelopes....... would postal mail, by the reference "mail" be "regular mail" ?
  3. From the Bylaws : SECTION 2 - Dues - Membership dues, in an amount established in an on-going motion of the club prior to the (15th) day of September of each year by the Board of Directors, are payable on or before the 1st of January for continuation of membership. Any member whose dues are not paid for the current year (coincides with the club official year of January 1st to December 31st) shall be considered a member not in good standing and shall not be entitled to nominate candidates for office, vote or receive any privileges of Club membership. On October 1st the Chair of the Membership Committee shall send via regular mail to each member a statement of his/her dues for the ensuing year. On or about December 1st the Chair of the Membership Committee shall send to each Division Director a list of those current members who have not yet paid their dues. Division Directors will contact unpaid members so as to avoid late payment.
  4. If the bylaws state that membership dues notice should be sent via regular mail, but Chair of the Membership Committee states that only E-mail will be sent, what recourse does the general membership have ? Richard
  5. That is the official complete minutes from the RS and filed in the archives. I just removed the names and the name of the club.
  6. But they did, according to submitted minuets. What would be the action the members could take, if any? Is there any recourse? Or would the Board just be able to do and say what they want ?
  7. can you have executive session if you did not officially have a meeting? Should they have the roll call, enter executive session, then adjourn the meeting?
  8. Sorry to ask so many questions, but several members have tasked me with review of previous meeting minuets and motions and ask questions. The following is from a BoD meeting at the annual event: Oct. 12th, 2016 6:55pm CDT. ###### National BOD meeting Unofficially, we met briefly after the General Membership meeting and held executive session from 6:57pm to 7:10pm. Those members in attendance were: ( 7 peoples names). Submitted, ##### Recording Secretary (Seven of twelve board members present) Question: Was this done properly?
  9. If the recording secretary or chair does not announce the presence of a quorum or not, in the annual meeting, and the next year the question is to approve the last annual meeting minuets, would it be proper to not approve the last annual meeting minuets?
  10. The only line in description of board of directors that would be a problem is "General management of the Club's affairs shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors" How much power does that give the board?
  11. Ok, I know no quorum at annual membership meeting means that club can not conduct business. Part of the issue we have is that the BoD thinks that they are the sole ones that can make motions, membership can not make motions. Isn't the point of a Board of Directors to direct the will of the members? We are consulted on numerous things by poll to see what the membership wants, it is stated in the Bylaws that any revisions to the bylaws have to be voted on and passed by the membership. What we want to know, in the absence of a quorum at the annual meeting, is there a procedure that can be used to submit a motion for membership vote by ballot?
  12. Thank you, Joshua Katz. If a quorum is not present at our annual meeting, how can the membership make member motions that can only be rescinded by the membership?
  13. I belong to a Dog Breed Club and the Board of Directors will not let the membership make motions at our annual meetings or by ballot voting. They go as far as to not let anyone know at annual meeting if there is a quorum present. What can be done ? We operate under Robert's Rules, it is stated in our Bylaws.
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