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  1. This is an issue involving my daughter.  An adult administrator removed her from a Key Club District Board citing there were no procedures for removing an officer in the bylaws, so they went with past practices.  However, the Bylaws indicates RRO is the parliamentary procedure for all actions not mentioned in the bylaws…  They then should be compelled to look to RRO for the procedure, correct?


    1. Hieu H. Huynh

      Hieu H. Huynh

      See my next post to your question in the general discussion board.

  2. Thanks, this is very important to me. An administrator indicated there was no procedure mentioned in the bylaws about removal of a board member for misconduct. If the bylaws indicate RRO "Shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered in these bylaws", then they are compelled to use the procedure outlined for discipline of a board member in RRO if there is one. Is there a procedure mentioned in RRO for discipline and/or removal of a board member?