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  1.  Yes, certainly. An employee of our nonprofit organization gave her resignation a while back. Her resignation was accepted by the board of directors. Subsequently, she offered to rescind her resignation and continue in her job past the original termination date.

    The passage above was used as a rationale for not accepting her letter of recension.

  2. Does the following section apply to employees?

    ACTIONS THAT CANNOT BE RESCINDED OR AMENDED. The motions to Rescind and to Amend Something Previously Adopted are not in order under the following circumstances:
        a)    When it has previously been moved to reconsider the vote on the main motion, and the question can be reached by calling up the motion to Reconsider (37).
       B)  When something has been done, as a result of the vote on the main motion, that is impossible to undo. (The unexecuted part of an order, however, can be rescinded or amended.)
        c)    When a resignation has been acted upon, or a person has been elected to or expelled from membership or office, and the person was present or has been officially notified of the action. (The only way to reverse an expulsion is to follow whatever procedure is prescribed by the bylaws for admission or reinstatement. For the case of an election, see pp. 653–54 regarding removal of a person from office.)

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