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  1. Thanks for the clarification. It seems that the British Columbia Strata [read Condominium] Property Act is ambiguous since it does not specify whether the 3/4 vote is to be a 3/4 vote of all owners present or not or just those present and voting.
  2. I inadvertently omitted the words "3/4 of the condominium owners". Somehow can't find how to edit a posting so as to make the needed correction.
  3. Amending the bylaws of our condominium association requires a 3/4 vote in favour. If some members abstain, does this mean that only 3/4 of those who do vote can pass a bylaw?
  4. An organization to which I belong, a condominium association, has never adopted any rules of order. Moreover, some members do not accept RONR as the default rules. is there any remedy for this impasse?
  5. It has always been my understanding that if an organization neither prescribe a particular set of rules nor proscribes a particular set, then Robert's Rules prevail by default. Also, assuming no rules have been adopted, either formally or by default, how can members conduct meetings that will have any validity? It may be pertinent to know that I am a Canadian resident.
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