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    New President Resigns

    Thank you!
  2. The new president resigned after two months of office. The VP is correct to assume power but who takes his place? Can the VP appoint his successor or who moves up the ladder? In the Constitution and Bylaws: 1) President: The President shall be an adult member of the club. He shall preside over all meetings of the General assembly and the Board of Directors: has the power to appoint all non elected committee chairpersons and (with the approval of the Board of Directors) any prematurely vacated position on the Board of Directors for the Ex Officio member committees except the nomination committee: has the organization in such a manner as to for fill his purpose as outlined in this constitution. He shall not vote on issues except to break tie votes. 2) Vice President: The Vice President shall be an adult member of the club. He shall perform all the duties of the President in his absence, and shall be publicity Chairman, and shall have the responsibility of appropriately advertising all clubs and activities. He shall also be responsible for soliciting commercial advertising for any club publication or other club activities he may appoint a staff to help him. Funds for these activities shall be approved by the board of directors. He shall have full voting privileges.
  3. Yes, the election was pushed and conducted in the President's absense. The President would have rejected the two individuals who have been dead wood, and who's only motive is to support the President Emeritus. Like puppets. There are no special interest groups for the MAL in a 20 person group. We plan to make this a non-profit for JAN2019, and I will want a proper Constitution, and bylaws by then. Thanks everyone! Coffee break.
  4. Ok then all positions must be elected by the membership. The MAL I did appoint must wait to be elected by the board or by the membership? Thank you all for your input.
  5. I see the interpretation of both sides. So then there needs to be further clarification under Elections so that this doesn't happen again. We are looking to update the document to reflect the change in times, anyway. What's happened is that the individuals elected always agree with their buddy (now President Emeritus), and those Members at Large don't represent the whole. I've inherited a club that had a dictatorship for decades, no BOD, and the PE wont let go. With the two new MAL's it'll be hard to remove him with a 50/50 split, plus the President. On the argument of "the election was made in violation of the bylaws", what would be the President's case? That it shouldn't have happened without an approval or knowledge? Give them an inch they'll take Manhattan.
  6. Thanks for your reply. How does "individual shall appoint" morph into "elect by a group"? That doesn't make sense. The whole point is that the President was circumvented and that the two members strong armed their way on. They convinced the sheep. Mob mentality. That would not have happened if the President was there. I am the President. Other than that the meeting went very well in my absense. Copy of Constitution and Bylaws attached to my original posting for everyone's reference. Club name omitted to protect the innocent.
  7. In our little Club's Constitution and Bylaws, under Members at Large, it specifically states that, "The President shall appoint at least one Board Member at Large to coordinate special interest group activities". Also, under duties, "The President, has the power to appoint all non elected committee chairpersons". Therefore said position is not elected, correct? In my absence, the older members, who were not reelected, insisted on a Member at Large Election. The new VP, and new Webmaster, misinterpreted the Constitution and Bylaws and read that Member at Large needed to be elected by the membership. How do I undo this? Thanks in advance. Constitution&ByLaws1974 copy.pdf