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  1. Can a Friendly Amendment be considered after voting has been started on the original motion?
  2. One of our board members has taken an intense dislike to our president. Any emails from the president are responded to in a negative fashion and she makes false accusations. These are getting more negative and argumentative. The president is handling the emails with appropriate responses and does not enter into arguments with the member. We will be having an in-person meeting in the near future and I anticipate issues. We do not have a Sergeant-at-Arms. Other than the president, who can step in if the comments get too negative or turn into a personal attack?
  3. We are anticipating a conflict at an upcoming meeting. This is what we think will happen. There will be a motion (and second) for a change to job duties to go into effect on 4/1/2018. During the discussion, we think another member will make a motion (and get a second) for the date to be 4/1/2019. I am pretty sure the maker of the original motion will not agree to modify her motion. This is been an ongoing dispute. So, I want to make sure we handle it correctly. How do we handle this situation?
  4. We have a similar situation. The vote has already begun (electronically) but two members feel the wording of the motion is not clear. I feel the wording is very clear, but their questions have basically halted this vote. I can let them know that the voting can not be stopped. However, then what? If this vote passes, I can see that we would use "Amend Something Previously Adopted" to clarify the motion. What would be used if the vote is lost? As I understand it, a motion is improper if it is practically the same as one previously decided.
  5. Deb Parm

    No Nominations Received

    "Election of Area Directors for odd-numbered Areas takes place March 5 through April 10 of even-numbered years. Election of Area Directors for even-numbered Areas takes place March 5 through April 10 of odd-numbered years." "Should there be no nominees for Area Director in a particular Area, the Nominating Committee Chairman will notify the International Parliamentarian, who will then request the IBOD to make a ruling for further procedure." "When a vacancy occurs during the term of an Area Director, she will seek input from IBOD members in the Area concerned prior to making the appointment. When submitting to the IBOD for approval, a resume of the appointee's qualifications and experience within Harmony, Inc. should be included." This is taken from the Duties of the President section of our manual. This is all I can find in our bylaws and manual on the subject. Our Area Directors have no limits on the number of terms they can serve.
  6. Deb Parm

    No Nominations Received

    Our organization is comprised of 14 Board Members, eight elected from the general membership. The remaining six are Area Directors and are elected by the members in their respective area only. The Area Directors act as, for lack of a better term, Presidents of their respective area as well as voting members of the Board. The issue is one of the Area Directors has decided not to run again and there are no nominations being submitted from that Area. Our bylaws only say to go to the Board for guidance if there is no one to run. Has anyone had this happen before? How was it handled? This is a position that must be filled.