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  1. We have a board consisting of members of two countries. The members of one of the countries decided to hold a meeting regarding fund-raising but did not include the International President or the Chair of the Philanthropy Committee or any of the members of that committee. Is this allowable? A similar situation occurred last year, but was not known until recently. We just want to clarify what is and is not allowed in our next Policy update.
  2. A member of our board is saying that a motion, second and vote is required for our minutes to list the names of those voting for, against or abstaining. Is this vote necessary to record the names?
  3. Our bylaws state "no officer shall serve in the same office for more than two consecutive terms, or until her successor is elected". During the pandemic, we are not meeting at all and probably will not be for the foreseeable future (we are a singing group). Our year runs April 1 through March 31. And all members of the board are in their second term. They will not have really served a full term. Does the "or until her successor is elected" allow them to remain in their positions another year?
  4. I guess what my question is, what can be done. The voting has started, but it was actually called too soon. Is there a way to cancel the voting until the board has time to hear the valid points and discuss?
  5. Our board is allowed to vote on issues via email per our bylaws. We have a controversial matter that is being voted on presently. The vote has started. However, two members of the board had expressed concerns but their emails to the board were delayed and arrived after the vote had been called. As they are valid concerns, is there a way to stop the vote to allow more discussion prior to calling for the vote again?
  6. After our minutes were approved, it was discovered that a wrong city was listed. It was not part of a motion, it was just the name and city of a possible new chapter for our organization. Is our only option to amend something previously adopted?
  7. One of our board members (member at large) is taking a leave of absence for 6 months. There is nothing in our bylaws or policies to cover this. Should she be replaced temporarily, leave the position vacant or ask her to resign?
  8. They have recently amended their bylaws that business, including voting, can be conducted by electronic means.
  9. The bylaws of one of our chapters state "REFERENDUM – Chapter membership may exercise its power through the use of the referendum process. Any action may be proposed by circulation of a petition that clearly states the action desired and is signed by 25% or more of the membership in good standing. The President shall be required to present the question to a vote within 30 days of receipt. A quorum must be present to vote, and 2/3 of the quorum will decide the vote. Also, Chapter members must be given 14 days written notice of the question." There is a disagreement between some of the memb
  10. Our board is elected by the membership. The board then elects the officers (president, three vp's, and 4 directors). Can the President nominate someone for the other positions?
  11. I just want to have this clear in my mind. I am wrong, and the member making the motion doesn't need to actually vote and it is assumed to be a 'yes' vote?
  12. I have a board member telling me that since she made the motion, her vote is automatically in favor. I am pretty sure that isn't right, but I can't find anything in Robert's Rules to back me up.
  13. The President of a very small board of directors (5 members) is the subject of an upcoming vote. She wants to appoint herself as the co-director of a chorus. The anticipated result is probably going to be a tie. I know that a tie fails and that the President can vote if she wants the motion adopted. However as this is about her, I am not sure she should vote. What should be done?
  14. The new president of a board made one motion and seconded two other motions. All three were voted on and carried. Do they stand as carried or are they invalid?
  15. What should we have used instead of lay on the table? And, what is the proper way to make the motion now?
  16. Our membership can submit agenda items to our board, a board member will then make a motion on their behalf to consider their suggestions. One motion needed further information from the member, so it was laid on the table in order to contact her. We were not able to get clarification from her during that meeting. At the annual meeting, this was totally forgotten. We are now getting ready for our mid-year meeting and need to resolve this old agenda item. Is it proper to take from the table or is it too late for that? How do we deal with this?
  17. I have had someone question whether a chair is required for all committees. I would say yes, but I can't find anything that backs that up. Thoughts?
  18. Our Board of Directors has approved the creation of a Recording Secretary position. The position will be appointed by the President, and ratified by the Board of Directors. Our bylaws state the the Board of Directors can create any position deemed necessary. In our policy manual, vacancies in the Executive Secretary and Treasure positions must be 'advertised', appointed by the President and ratified by the board. The question is whether the new position must be 'advertised' to the membership or if the president can pick someone. Is a newly created position 'vacant'?
  19. The board of directors recently voted to change the title of the Executive Secretary to Administrative Assistant. According to our bylaws, the board can make changes to our corporate manual. The corporate manual has been updated. However, the title of Executive Secretary still appears in our Bylaws. Does this title change require a membership vote to amend the bylaws?
  20. A lawyer on the board wanted to research a document pertaining to a motion made. We moved to Postpone until after lunch when she had time to review the document. After lunch, what is the correct way to bring the original motion back to the table? We moved to consider the previous question. Is that correct?
  21. Our bylaws state the election of new board officers takes place at the conclusion of the annual meeting. This means the board members elect don't know what their position will be until after the board meeting is over. A better way would be to have the election during the meeting so they can sit with the current position to learn it. Is there anyway to suspend that portion of the bylaw for this year?
  22. We allow voting by email. An email was sent with a motion to change the wording of in one small section of our Corporate Manual. Discussions were held and voting has started. The problem is the motion references the wrong section and page number we are trying to change. The wording is correct otherwise. The motion says Section 4, page 4.9 which was fine when the discussion started. Unknown to us, the manual was updated in between and the change we need is now in Section 5, page 5.9. Does this nullify the vote and we have to start over? Can I just inform the members of the correct
  23. Our bylaws state "the International President shall automatically become an Ex-Officio to the International Board of Directors for not ore than two years immediately following the expiration of her term as International President". The bylaws do not state whether or not she has a vote on the Board of Directors. Our Corporate Manual states "The Immediate Past President acts as an Ex-Officio member to the International Board of Directors during the term of the International President who follows immediately after her term as International President." It also states "She is a non-voting me
  24. Our Board of Directors have voted to change the bylaws as follows: The International President shall automatically become transitions to the role of Immediate Past President, an Ex-Officio to the International Board of Directors, for not more than two (2) years immediately following the expiration of her term her role as International President. (Mid-Year 2016).(DATE). Does a wording clean-up need to go to the membership for a vote?
  25. The bylaws state: Vacancies on the executive committee shall be filled by election by the Board from the remaining board members. All other vacancies shall be filled by appointment made by the president, and ratified by the Board of Directors. To me, that means the vacancy must be filled to bring the total to 8 board members. We have a person on the board that doesn't see it that way and insists the position can remain open until elections.
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