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  1. I have the 11th Edition CD, but I am still not able to find it on the first go-around. I get a lot of results using using a single word, but using a combination of words does not provide what I'm looking for. I'm going to keep trying, though. I won't give up. Thanks for your continued advise.
  2. Thanks again. It seems no matter how hard I try to find an answer in RONR on my own, I miss the right location for my answer. You guys are fantastic! Thanks again, and again, and again...
  3. Well, we finally had a bylaws committee start and complete the review process. It took us (I was part of the committee) about a month to finish which includes submitting the revisions to our Judge Advocate as well as our Executive Committee. The membership was notified of the upcoming voting on the changes, I'm in the process of mailing the recommended changes to all the members in good standing, and all was going well -- until... Two days ago, the Department Judge Advocate (DJA) and I were discussing questions I had on the bylaws. During our discussion, it was discovered that since our "a
  4. Well, I tried at tonight's meeting , but to no avail. One particular member insisted that our Department Officers/parliamentarians know more about changing the bylaws than the Post officers on what can and cannot be done concerning the bylaws changes. Needless to say, he made a motion to "suspend" the June annual requirement, which passed. I just (internally) shook my head. Benjamin Geiger, https://robertsrules.forumflash.com/profile/5488-benjamin-geiger/, once said back in April 2019 that "Ultimately parliamentary law can't protect an organization from itself." He has proven those words
  5. Well, at least one item I can take away from our discussion is that the commander can appoint a bylaws committee to start looking at the changes in preparation for the annual meeting. One thing is for sure, I will be recommending we change the bylaws restricting us to an annual meeting only requirement. Another opinion I can take away from this is the commander must ensure an Executive Committee exists in order to submit the changes to the membership. I'll be recommending a change to this also. Thank you to all of you for your inputs and guidance. I have truly appreciated your guidance. You gu
  6. I have tried attaching the bylaws file, but it is too large to upload, and uploading each individual page won't help either because I'm only allowed one upload file per attachment. The only way to get it to any of you is by email. The only other way is to copy and paste all the pages, but I don't know how many characters I'm allowed to use in posting my comments.
  7. I've learned from reading the other discussions and RONR concerning suspension of rules that we're not able to suspend that rule, but I was hoping to be able to make a motion that allows us to start the review and complete the process without having to wait another year. We meet on a monthly basis -- not an annual basis. I believe when the bylaws were originally established, the charter members were following the National's bylaws' format without taking into consideration we meet monthly, and we shouldn't have to wait a year to adopt changes. I kind of figured it was 2/3 from a past topic
  8. Wow. I have been reading some of the discussions concerning bylaw changes. They are quite extensive. Here's my question. Our Post bylaws state we are to review and make changes to our bylaws annually in June. We have our elections in May, and our Department has its convention and elections in June. The Commander and some of our members agree that we need to change the annual review in our bylaws to something more manageable. I believe the bylaws should be reviewed as often as necessary or when numerous changes need to be made, and not wait for the annual requirement. There is too much going on
  9. A motion was made and seconded by Post members to accept the minutes of a committee; however, the Commander bypassed any discussion and did not ask for a vote. He continued with the meeting, and the meeting was adjourned without a vote on the committee minutes. The main purpose of accepting the committee minutes is to ensure any actions or expenditures by the committee are allowed by the members. If there is no vote taken, is the motion defeated or no longer a valid motion? Can the motion be resubmitted at the next meeting in order to correct the mistake of the Commander? I have the CD version
  10. Wow. How very true. I never realized that concept. Thank you, Benjamin Geiger.
  11. As I had mentioned earlier, the commander was confrontational and hostile towards me when I submitted my letter to the adjutant last month on 15 Mar 2019. Those hostilities continued into last night's, Monday, 08 April 2019, Post meeting. Well, I brought up my motion to Rescind, Amend Something Previously Adopted; however, in the end the debate was not about wrong or right, but it became one of personalities (and whose side are you on?). Even though the commander eventually admitted he was wrong in adding the after-meeting comments, he still made it look as if I was the bad guy in all of this
  12. LOL. Good one, Mr. Novosielski. I will be doing just that on the inside without showing it on the outside. LOL. Thank you for your jest. I needed that. LOL.
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