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  1. A motion was made and seconded by Post members to accept the minutes of a committee; however, the Commander bypassed any discussion and did not ask for a vote. He continued with the meeting, and the meeting was adjourned without a vote on the committee minutes. The main purpose of accepting the committee minutes is to ensure any actions or expenditures by the committee are allowed by the members. If there is no vote taken, is the motion defeated or no longer a valid motion? Can the motion be resubmitted at the next meeting in order to correct the mistake of the Commander? I have the CD version of RONR, but was unable to locate a proper answer to my question. Please advise. Thank you.
  2. Wow. How very true. I never realized that concept. Thank you, Benjamin Geiger.
  3. As I had mentioned earlier, the commander was confrontational and hostile towards me when I submitted my letter to the adjutant last month on 15 Mar 2019. Those hostilities continued into last night's, Monday, 08 April 2019, Post meeting. Well, I brought up my motion to Rescind, Amend Something Previously Adopted; however, in the end the debate was not about wrong or right, but it became one of personalities (and whose side are you on?). Even though the commander eventually admitted he was wrong in adding the after-meeting comments, he still made it look as if I was the bad guy in all of this. He read something (I believe it may have been from Robert's Rules) concerning the difficulty in changing the minutes, and he was adamant in stating the minutes could not be changed until I told him in can be changed with a motion of rescinding or amending something that was previously adopted. At one point he tried to silence me by telling me I was out of order and I could no longer speak, but I brought up a point of order where I told him he could not silence me. Our District commander was also in attendance, and he too spoke up against me knowing the commander was wrong. The motion was eventually voted on, with the commander saying the nays had the vote. I challenged the vote and called for a count, which the commander didn't particularly like, so the commander, after a quick discussion, had to call for a count: 5 yeas, 16 nays. Ironically, the voting was 5 yeas against 16 nays, which was the reverse of what we, RONR community quorum, had discussed. The membership paid no attention to my motion or the reasoning behind it. I didn't give previous notice for next month's meeting because I would need an additional 12-13 members to vote yea in order to have a unanimous vote of 17-18 versus the 16. I would need 33-34 members present in order to make it possible for a unanimous yea vote. That was too many for me to consider bringing up a previous notice for next month. Like I said, it was no longer a question of right or wrong, but who was on the commander's side. Apparently there are people in organizations that are not willing to listen to reasoning. Thank you to everyone for your help.
  4. LOL. Good one, Mr. Novosielski. I will be doing just that on the inside without showing it on the outside. LOL. Thank you for your jest. I needed that. LOL.
  5. Thank you, Zev. My mind was exhausted when was trying to do the math. I knew my math was off before going to sleep, but I could not figure out where my math calculations were off. :-( You just showed me where. Thank you. :-)
  6. Sorry Mr. Brown. I meant unfinished business. Our agenda says (or used to say) old/unfinished business. I'm not quite sure what it has now because we (members) don't receive a copy of the agenda. I was hoping to bring up the "Rescind; Amend Something Previously Adopted" motion during unfinished business because we're also having our elections next month at our regular meeting. I wanted to be able to discuss this before we have our elections. We had our first set of nominations this month (March) so we'll be completing our nominations and elections next month. The current commander has been nominated again for the next year with no one else nominated at this time. The nominations and elections will probably be brought up under unfinished business so I was hoping to have my say-so before we started the election process. Present and voting, huh. Hmmm. There usually are members who, although not verbally abstaining, say nothing or do not vote. If I understand you correctly, if we have 20 members in attendance, and if a total of only 15 members vote (whether yay or nay), then 2/3 of those actually voting would be 10. So 10 of the voting would have had to cast a yay vote in order to pass or 10 nays in order to be defeated. In order to ensure accuracy I would have to call for a hand count. Am I correct in my deduction? Am I also correct in deducing, using the same 15 voting as a majority, if only 9 (or 8.5) vote yay and 7 (or 6.5) vote nay, then the motion passes, but if 9 (or 8.5) vote nay and 7 (or 6.5) are yay, then the motion is defeated. (I'm too tired to go on right now.)
  7. Yes, others had made similar suggestions, but I was at a loss if I didn't submit the letter. Mr. Novosielski's suggestion encompasses what all of us have been discussing, but he has brought it down to a more workable level. But you are correct also in that I will have (possibly) just one chance to win them over on the first try. I have appreciated your feedbacks. Thank you.
  8. Wow, Mr. Novosielski. Mr. Brown is right about your last feedback. I will take your suggestion to heart. At our next meeting, I will make the motion under old business since the minutes have already been accepted as read. I will count the members present, then figure out the 2/3. If I'm lucky, then maybe I can get enough members to accept my reasoning for the motion. If not, then I will give them my verbal notice for the following month. Hopefully, they will accept my reasoning. I will have my letter in front of me in order to gather my thoughts while I have the floor. I will mention the commander's actions while I have the floor in hopes that they will see my desire to make things right in the past and future minutes. I will also suggest to the members that the commander appoint another adjutant if the current adjutant does not feel he is capable of "speedily" typing the minutes. (However, I will speak to the adjutant first so that he can realize the importance of his impartiality when typing the minutes.) I will also ask for the commander's censure due to his hostilities and confrontational attitude concerning my letter. Thank you.
  9. Atul, but I did give previous notice with my letter to the adjutant, but the commander has forbade and will not allow the adjutant to take action on my letter in notifying the entire membership. Even though the proper procedure is for the commander to allow the adjutant to notify the entire membership of over 400, the commander in his hostile confrontation towards me told me he will not contact any of the members on this matter. I'm serious. He was very hostile in his confrontation towards me. The adjutant wants to keep peace with the commander so I doubt he will proceed with the notification. Plus, I don't believe the adjutant is strong enough to tell the commander he is wrong. Some of the members that attend the meetings these past months have even turned against me because of the commander. I feel if something is not addressed properly at a meeting, then I stand and voice my disagreement. Most of the time the other members do not say anything even if I am right. I don't foresee a 2/3 majority without the notification. At least with the notification, I have a better chance of a majority vote.
  10. I'm confused on "(if you have said exactly what this is I'm afraid that I missed it)". If I understand all my feedbacks (condensed version): (1) in order to move for a "rescind; amend something previously adopted," a previous notice must be submitted to the adjutant/secretary; (2) if call to a meeting has not been sent, then the adjutant can include the previous notice in the call; (3) if the organization does not require a call by the adjutant, then the member can move for a rescind/amend at the next regular meeting; (4) if the motion is not adopted, then the member can give notice that the motion will make the same motion at the next regular meeting. Is that basically it in a nutshell? My questions now are: can I ask the adjutant to read the letter I gave him to the membership before or after I make my motion? Or shall I just move for correction?; shall I read it if my motion is not adopted and with my intentions to give notice again at our next regular meeting? A lot of questions to ask with this last feedback.
  11. Well, that's not good. :-( The only mention in our bylaws (National/Post) concerning meetings is for a special meeting. So if my only option to give previous notice is at our next meeting, then that means the subject cannot be discussed at our next meeting. I will have to wait an additional month before I am able to discuss the meeting minutes for February. Is that correct? If that is the case, am I able to request the adjutant read my previous notice letter to the membership at our next meeting?
  12. Richard, we have a regular monthly meeting unless it is cancelled for a specific reason (i.e. a hurricane in our specific area). There is no "call" sent out by the adjutant for our meetings other than announcing at the end of each of our meetings when our next meeting will be. The higher vote threshold was one reason I had submitted my Previous Notice to Rescind; Amend Something Previously Adopted from Meeting Minutes. Based on the feedback I have received thus far, submitting my previous notice was my better option. Your suggestion of "Could the member even mail the notice himself in that situation? Perhaps if he does it a "reasonable period of time in advance of the meeting"? " is an interesting one except that a member will not have access to the membership roster since the member is not required to receive a roster nor is the member authorized to have one for privacy reasons.
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