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  1. When then, is the proper time for members to deliberate over, discuss or promote the nominees? In most actions, there seems to be the progression of Move, Deliberate, Vote. When it comes to elections Is there no opportunity for deliberation or advocating for/against a nominee prior to voting? The comment from the past chair was not directed specifically by name at any one nominee, but it did express some general concern with the ideas/proposed direction that one of the nominees expressed in their nominating speech.
  2. Hello, I am a staff member for a municipal corporation supporting a citizen's advisory board. A question has arisen as to the proper procedure for nominating and voting to select the chair of an advisory board for the year. After nominations were made, each nominee gave a nominating speech. Two speeches were very short (two or there sentences), and one was longer. After each nominee spoke, another member, who has served as Chair in the past made a philosophical comment on the purpose and function of the board as an advisory committee. His comment was not specifically directed at
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