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  1. We have our own by-laws to follow. Our board wrote them and our national office approved them. Resignation of an officer is in writing to the secretary. Like I said in my first post, we have been told (doesn't matter by who) that when the board member started talking about the issues he had with the President then they should have gone into executive session and since they didn't our meeting did not follow parliamentary procedure.
  2. I understand. I was just stating who decided the meeting was to be thrown out and that it wasn't our organizations board of directors that said to.
  3. Mr. Mervosh, Our board had a special meeting the next day and accepted the resignation.
  4. Thank you. I was told to send an email letting our board know what our national office had said and that the meeting was void along with the resignation. No one has said anything since then because no one really knows what's right or what to do next. Our VP feels that he has been mislead and misinformed.
  5. We had our regularly scheduled board meeting last week. We had a quorum and we followed our agenda. A board member had an addition and was given the floor. During this time he addressed issues he has with the President/Chair. The president in return began to argue with him. No one stopped this, they finally got to a point they both felt done and the President moved on to the next addition. Before that addition was complete he gave a written resignation and left the building. The Vice President took over as Chair and finished the meeting. We have been told by our national organization that since no one went into executive session the meeting is null and void and the resignation doesn't stand. I would think that would be the boards decision. What are the steps for voiding a meeting? Are there certain rules for when that can be done?
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