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  1. Does anyone know if there have ever been any formal studies conducted on the effectiveness of using RONR? I am in the process of trying to have a Board of Directors that I am a part of adopt Robert's. I have brought forth all the usual reasons why RONR can be beneficial and thought that if there was a study done that it may further serve to illustrate my points. Thanks for any help.
  2. Atul, I agree and I didn't think I was conveying otherwise. Sorry for being unclear. The recommendations were moved by individual members of the respective boards. The point of order was that the Executive Board had no authority to make such a recommendation to amend.
  3. Mr. Brown - Board "A" is the Board of Elders of a church. It is not subservient to the Executive Board. There is not a separate Board of Directors. Responsibilities of the Board of Elders include, "See to it that all services are conducted in such a manner as to avoid needless disturbance and to foster an attitude conducive to worship among those in attendance." Recommendation "X" was a resolution from the Board of Elders to put out sign up sheets for Christmas Eve services as Covid has limited church capacity. The Executive Board recommended amending by adding language to incl
  4. Would the below wording be an acceptable example of how to write such a situation for the minutes? Mr. John Smith made a motion to do "X". The motion was lost for lack of a second.
  5. Board "A" adopts a resolution to recommend to the assembly that a resolution to do "X" be adopted. The Executive Board, having been informed by Board "A" of their intent to recommend adopting resolution "X", adopts a motion to recommend amending "X" to the assembly. At the meeting of the assembly Board "A" puts forth their recommendation. It is stated by the chair and a member of the Executive Board moves the recommendation to amend on behalf of the Executive Board. A member raises a point of order stating that the Executive Board has no authority to make recommendations and th
  6. Thank you for the thread reference, very helpful. My search-fu was weak.๐Ÿ˜
  7. I have been elected to serve as a representative on a ten member Board of Directors for a private school. There are no vacancies. The bylaws do not name a parliamentary authority. At the first meeting I attended I moved a resolution which used the exact wording in RONR 12th ed. to adopt Robert's as the parliamentary authority as a special rule of order (yes, I would like it in the bylaws but they require 60 days notice to amend). After debate it was moved to postpone definitely until the next regular meeting. Does postponement have the possibility to affect the vote required for adoption?
  8. Bylaws read as follows, "The Director selected shall hold office for a term of three years and/or until a successor have been chosen. No director shall serve for more than two consecutive terms." If a director has served two consecutive terms but the body which appoints their replacement has been unable to fill the spot can the term limited Director continue to serve? My initial thought is "yes" since it says "and/or". Does the fact that if one serves less than half a term it does not count as a term be applicable? I should note this Board does not have a parliamentary authori
  9. Alex, you mad my night. Thank you, sir. I take back some of the bad things I have said about millennials.๐Ÿ˜ Sincerely, Gen X-er 78'
  10. I'm with Mr. Mervosh on this. How is the original not fully executed? I think ratification is the way to go. We need that meme of the guy sitting at the folding table with a big sign saying, "convince me I'm wrong." ๐Ÿ˜œ
  11. Did the assembly adopt a proposed agenda or were you following a standard order of business? At the very least it would appear the chair improperly adjourned the meeting but the moment to object to that has passed.
  12. Thank you, Mr. Kapur. Some clarifications please, Regarding this: And there is also an argument for amending the bylaws to add the words "[and/or] until their successors are elected." From the OP our bylaws read: Officers shall be elected for the term specified in the Bylaws and shall hold office until their successor shall have been elected and installed." Does this language not accomplish the same thing and even more? They serve their term and stay in office until their successor is elected and installed. On topic: I like your second, and preferred option,
  13. You are correct that no elections for this Board were held in 17, 18, or 19.
  14. In April, 2017 my congregation created a new Board. Our Bylaws were amended to state, "The Endowment Board shall consist of five members, four of whom shall be elected from the congregation for two-year terms on a staggered basis, so that two members are elected each year. The Treasurer shall be an ex-officio member. The Board shall appoint its own chairman and meet at least two times per year. The term of an appointment shall be until the next officer election meeting of the Voters' assembly." Regarding the election of officers the Bylaws state, "The officers-elect shall assume their dut
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