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  1. smcgovern

    Co-Anything (again...)

    I do believe that sign would be the icing on my "No to Co-" cake that I will be serving our board next week.
  2. smcgovern

    Co-Anything (again...)

    Yes, I apologize, I can see where that could have been interpreted either way. I was referring to 2 members holding 1 position (we have 2 members standing as co-Vice Presidents and 2 other members standing as co-Cheer Commissioners)
  3. smcgovern

    Co-Anything (again...)

    I will certainly follow-up with how it plays out. Thankfully our President (who was also unaware of the dangers of co-positions) is very concerned about the issue and eager to hear what I come back with. It's a good thing I enjoy researching and giving presentations, this may be a big one.
  4. smcgovern

    Co-Anything (again...)

    I am in the middle of putting together a presentation to the Board I sit on (youth sports organization) regarding the fallibility and pure danger of "co-anything," as our Board currently has this issue -- two of its board positions are being shared (and have been in the past). Our By-Laws are silent as to shared positions (specifically it states, "The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) members; the four (4) elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), the Cheerleading Commissioner, the Football Commissioner, and one (1) member-at-large..."). The positions currently shared are Vice President and Cheer Commissioner. I have done some extensive research into what is admittedly a new world for me and thankfully came across this forum in the process. I have read many, many of the posts and subsequent comments and gained a wealth of information. We have other By-Law amendments in the works and will be taking it to a special meeting next month. That being said, outside of RONR pg. 176, Mr. Stackpole's brilliant and well-written essay that I found linked on this forum, are there any other articles or directions someone may want to point me in to help me obtain a bit more information before I present this to the Board next week? Much appreciated!