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  1. For example, if someone moves to do X can that motion be amended to be to choose X or Y?
  2. Are you saying you interpret it as the exact language being needed for written notice?
  3. I am looking in RONR (12th ed.) 10:44-10:51 - and am confused on one point. 10:44 says that the exact content of the intended motion must be noticed and references the below paragraphs. Only the content of giving notice at a meeting though is addressed. If notice is not given at a meeting but in enough time in writing to be included in the call to meeting, does it have to be the exact language or is it like the notice given at a meeting described in 10:47?
  4. I know this is a ludicrous proposition. But I am dealing with someone who would not agree with me if I said the sky was blue, but the assertion is that under RONR "area" can be the entire United States and thus everyone can stay home to participate in a national convention (and the bylaws do not authorize electronic participation at conventions btw). I would like to get some other people explaining how bizarre that is that are other than me. Will it help? Probably not, but others are reading the reddit discussion and perhaps it will educate them as I provided the link to the discussion
  5. I ordered one... I am digging into this old decision for an episode of Cult of RONR.
  6. And crap, I am trying to find a 7th edition used somewhere and no luck. Boo.
  7. In a related question, what version of RONR was in effect in 1980?
  8. So can the Chair rule on that? Or does the board as a whole make a decision? That seemed to be the bone of contention in 1980.
  9. I am reading some old history of the organization I am involved with and reading the written argument of one of the parties involved in a dispute over whether or not the Chair had the authority to unilaterally fire the National Director (a paid staff member). My interest isn't whether she did or not but about an argument filed on behalf of the fired National Director. At a meeting, the full board objected to her unilateral filing by point of order. The Chair ruled that she had that authority since the Bylaws say she is Chief Executive Officer as per the Bylaws and it was countered
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