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  1. I agree. It is short and nongendered. and what some friends and I discussed was for formalities with members, use Member Smith or Delegate Jones and the like. I think that is the direction RONR will need to take. I will be forever jarred by the use of Madame Chairman. That makes no sense. And if language is getting in the way it is no longer serving its purpose as an unobtrusive facilitator.
  2. It also would not be too much to think that since it is pretty obvious this is a change in culture that will be with us like same sex marriage rather than having to treat them differently than other people who we just naturally have something to say without having to ask; it would be nice if there were already respectful formalities in place. Perhaps one day when "Madame Chairman" gets the boot this will also be addressed. Modernity comes by hook or by crook. I don't want to be like the proverbial old lady yelling get off my lawn at the inevitable changes brought by those darned kids. But
  3. I don't care the issue because of the exam. I care about the issue because in my circles and conventions I am likely to work at, it will come up.
  4. As I am reading RONR (studying furiously for parts of the RP exam), it occurred to me that I don't know how this is handled though I have some ideas now. If, say, the presiding officer, is a non-binary person, how should they be addressed, title-wise? Neither Mr. Chair or Madame Chair would be appropriate.
  5. Well crap. Here is what seems unfair IMHO. In small boards a majority of the entire membership is often less then 2/3. Without notice, it seems to me that it should be the greater of the two numbers. I know that is not the case, but it seems inequitable to me.
  6. Okay me again. I am confused - when something can be adopted by a 2/3 vote or a majority of the entire membership what does that mean if it is a board and there are vacant seats? For example a board that has 11 positions but 2 are vacant so there are presently 9 members.
  7. I am reading National Parliamentarian, Summer 200, p10, and it says: Reconsideration in Standing and Special Committees ... The maker of the motion must have voted on the prevailing side. Is that correct? I thought they just had to not vote on the losing side.
  8. I am a heretic who strongly does not agree with the skeletor minutes outline in RONR and I don't follow it (and our special rules are now amended to direct certain other things to be included). However, even in groups where more is put in, there should never be editorializing or the personal opinions of the Secretary.
  9. No not yet but I might. I just to do whatever I can to make sure this is not treated as a revision.
  10. Richard, I think Mr. Honneman was thinking I was referring to a subordinate committee rather than the national committee itself.
  11. Got it. I am very familiar with VBulletin having ran a Theology and Politics debate forum for over a decade, and we took at look at Invision. It can definitely be changed fairly easily - I will try to find one of my friends who worked with the Invision software to find out how. Things like that were a very simple setting in VBulletin.
  12. Mr. Honneman let me clarify one thing again to be sure. Am I correct that if the proposal comes not from a committee but from the membership (we do allow that with proper notice) that it would not be fully open to revision as discussed above?
  13. That is what they are planning I believe. If I end up being on the bylaws committee, it will be explored for sure. Its a political organization so things are...... very....... political. Right now, people who hate bylaws are the ones getting put on these committees as there is a strong anti-rules and anti-bylaws sentiment in our organization. I keep telling them, be careful what you wish for.
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