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  1. LOL, and yes there can be multiple minority reports but a lot will depend on what the bylaws say. And as I got constantly reminded :)) there is no such thing as a majority report, it is merely the committee report (though in our case our bylaws actually call it the majority report).
  2. ==My concern about this is that it presumes that these "minutes with context" are balanced or objective. I much prefer the option of having the minutes as per RONR along with a newsletter type of article that tells the stories around the meeting. For baseball fans it's analogous to the box score and the newspaper article about a game, which can include colour commentary and post-game interviews.== That is a legitimate concern but everyone reviews them carefully and notes any such issues which are corrected and the minutes in draft are available to the entire membership for commentary (many listen to the meetings) so I think that is alleviated in our case, but each case obviously is vastly different.
  3. =="Whatever" the member answered? Even if the member responded by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance? I hardly think so. == That could get interesting!
  4. Got it gracias. And I am sure the minutes would be heretical to some:) [I am the Secretary in question]
  5. Got it! That makes sense, the answer I was given in my class does not.
  6. I will re-review those pages, and I apologize if I am not clear on one point. "Present" is never used with this board. That is why this member used it. So the issue is including it separate from the abstains but counting it with the abstains. I know the answers here are under the strict interpretation of RONR and I will need to take into consideration the practice and custom of the body.
  7. Okay I have a followup. Only one each? I am taking the distance Wisconsin Parliamentary Course and I asked this question and was given the answer that the pending resolution can then have two levels of amendment and the substitute can have only one. This seemed inconsistent to me.
  8. Okay, I have some followups. This was a roll call vote. So if everyone else voted no or abstain, and one member voted present, that difference is noted? (and our organization has a custom of including more details in the minutes and often include things that the members request as it gives needed context for the wider membership)
  9. If a member votes "present" as an act of protest at the way a matter is handled is it improper to note that (though it counts as an abstain) if the member wishes it to be?
  10. When perfecting both the pending resolution and the substitute, is only one additional level allowed or are they separated and two levels of amendments allowed?
  11. Thank you everyone. I plan on asking the body if they wish that for the future - I prefer more information to less if that is what they want in this regard. But it will seem odd (IMHO) for the minutes to include the counts on some and not all, and I guess I will just ask for the count each time for the record.
  12. Thank you that is helpful and in line with what I thought. The fact that the chair counted for his own benefit in order to announce the vote is not relevant as it was not ordered by the body.
  13. I have a question about recording votes taken by raising hands, should the number be included? Or just the disposition of the motion. Is it dependent upon whether the Chair includes the number in announcing the vote (which is not done consistently?) On every substantive motion the Chair always asks if a roll call vote is requested before proceeding to the raised hands method.
  14. I am just starting my term as national secretary for the LP - and in other minutes and organizations I have in formal minutes referred to non-officer members as Mr. X or Ms. X, but the officers as Chair Z, Vice-Chair Z, and Secretary Z (though for some reason I never did that with the Treasurer which is an odd blip on my part, perhaps because they don't participate in a way inherent to that position throughout the entire meeting). Is this incorrect? Is it just style preferences? Or should the titles only be used when acting in that capacity which is not always the case in my role for instance, a lot of things I do are irrelevant to the fact I am secretary but there are others which are... Thoughts? Being brand new and as the successor of a fantastic secretary, I have a critical audience.
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