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  1. Karen Bayless

    Defeated motion

    That is a good question. I don't know the answer because the Foundation board was in existence for a couple of years before I was asked to join. What are the implications? I am searching now to see if I even have a copy of the bylaws to see if the meeting place was set in there but can't find one as yet. Object to consideration of the question is good information. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that it would work here as it is not an overwhelming majority that does not wish to debate this. The last vote was 4-3 to move but the chair stated that since 2/3 did not support the motion it was defeated. FYI we just had our monthly board meeting and the topic/motion was not brought up so I have some time to fine tune this before our meeting in April.
  2. Karen Bayless

    Defeated motion

    Well it is a close vote every time but I keep stating my disagreement with her and have others who won't say anything but vote with me. They don't like to rock the boat. I'll go ahead and clarify what is happening. This foundation supports a local municipal animal shelter. Our mission is to raise funds to help with things that the city cannot. We meet in a meeting room at the shelter. This board member keeps trying to move us from there because the acoustics aren't fabulous. While I understand that, it is the ONLY time that some of these board members ever step foot into the shelter. We have our director, medical director, volunteer coordinator and kennel coordinator who are city employees attend part of our meeting. For them to ALL take time from their jobs to travel to another location is ridiculous. AND we are all as board members supposed to be volunteering or at least having a presence at the shelter if only to visit with staff. Some of us do much more. Anyway, I'm tired of fighting with this woman and was hoping that there was some way to kill this once and for all but apparently I will just have to continue the battle for us to keep meeting at the shelter.
  3. Karen Bayless

    Defeated motion

    Thanks. Just frustrating but thought after I read the ENTIRE RRO that I was correct in my decision.
  4. Karen Bayless

    Defeated motion

    I want to be sure I have this correct. A motion that has been defeated by a foundation's board at their monthly meeting can be brought up again at another meeting...and then again at another meeting...etc. etc.? This is getting rather tiresome. Thank you. I think I understand this correctly but before going into battle over it again tomorrow, I want to be sure I have it right. And I'm not the one making the motion.