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  1. Hello I am seeking guidance on a couple questions related to Elections. Our bylaws just say that elections are done by secret ballot. We have 4 positions where there are 3 nominees for each office and 1 position where there is 1 nominee for 1 office. Here are my questions: 1) Is there a special rule that can voted on for the nominee with the least amount of votes to drop? 2) Are there are options for the candidate that is running unopposed to be declared the nominee elected even though the Bylaws say elections are done by secret ballot?
  2. The poll only showed yes and no. No other options to vote either. It was a vote on a motion. So where does the more than half apply? I didn't understand that to be 50% but more than 50%.
  3. It was shown as percentage. I'm not familiar with the polling to answer if numbers are an option.
  4. Ok thank you! I thought the percentage had to also be greater than 50%.
  5. Hello, Help! In zoom polling, if 50% says yes and 49% says no. Does this motion pass?
  6. Thank you for your help and responses!
  7. Yes it was placed before the assembly and member B the stated he wanted to amend the motion.
  8. Hello, Can someone please help with amending a motion? Does a member have to be granted permission? An example: If member A makes a motion to donate $200 to org A and Member B wants to amend to donate the $200 to org B. I understand to amend he would need to "strike out" org A and "insert" org B. The presiding officer said she needed permission from member A before he can amend. Is that correct?
  9. Thank you everyone for responding! If I may try to add some clarity. Amendment#1 was withdrawn in a previous meeting. Amendment#2 gave 30 day notice per bylaws and was not brought before the membership to vote yet. That will be in a couple weeks. However the committee chair for amendment#2 stated in their report they want to withdraw their amendment which is #2 and have #1 reconsidered.
  10. Would a motion than be needed to reconsider the amendment that was withdrawn?
  11. I also didn't see 18:33 in RONR 12th ed. Was that a reference you were giving?
  12. Amendment#1 was already withdrawn. Would notice have to be given again for #1?
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