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  1. Thank you everyone for responding! If I may try to add some clarity. Amendment#1 was withdrawn in a previous meeting. Amendment#2 gave 30 day notice per bylaws and was not brought before the membership to vote yet. That will be in a couple weeks. However the committee chair for amendment#2 stated in their report they want to withdraw their amendment which is #2 and have #1 reconsidered.
  2. Would a motion than be needed to reconsider the amendment that was withdrawn?
  3. I also didn't see 18:33 in RONR 12th ed. Was that a reference you were giving?
  4. Amendment#1 was already withdrawn. Would notice have to be given again for #1?
  5. Hello, I have a situation where a member submitted an amendment (#1) and then withdrew it. Another submitted an amendment (#2) and now wants to with withdraw and have #1 considered. I have a few questions: What is the correct way to bring this before the members? Our bylaws say we need 30 days notice. Would notice have to be given again for #1? Does the member for amendment#1 have to do anything? Is it in order for the member for amendment #2 to submit another person's amendment? Please help. Thank you!
  6. Angie N


    Thank you! This sounds much clearer than the original motion.
  7. Angie N


    This is a recommendation from the fundraising committee. I believe the desired outcome is that they don't want to bring any recommendations before the membership that does not cost the membership. Essentially they want the authority to have the events, etc without having to bring it before the membership to vote on when it doesn't cost the membership.
  8. Angie N


    I'm seeking to educate myself. The snarky comment is unnecessary and not welcomed.
  9. Angie N


    The motion to eliminate voting of the membership on fundraising activities that do not require membership funding.
  10. Angie N


    Thank you so much! This explanation is very helpful.
  11. Can someone please explain the difference between a motion to eliminate something vs a motion not to do something? I thought motions had to be in the affirmative.
  12. The budget committee was involved because the president believed the proposal should be further researched by them. I don't know of any other relationship.
  13. It's a standing committee that reports to the membership. The proposal was sent to the board for potential feedback.
  14. That is correct! The board did not see the report.
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