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  1. Can we release board minutes before they have been approved by the board at the next meeting? The meetings are open to the members of the organization, but often they don't attend. They still want to know what went on at the meeting.
  2. At our board meeting, we had 2 fundraising proposals come up. The first was presented - discussed - a motion made and seconded - discussion - voted upon. It was voted to be tabled until the next meeting because members were confused by the proposal and wanted to see paperwork on it. The second proposal went through the same process as the first (presented - discussed - a motion made and seconded - discussion - voted upon), but this time we had a role call vote. The vote was 5 for and 3 against, no one abstained. Today one of the members who had voted against it claims that we have broken the protocol we set by voting to table the first proposal and now have a conflict because the second. which also lacked paperwork, was accepted. I am a non-voting member of the board, and while I was disappointed they had voted for the second proposal, I do not feel the vote on the first proposal set a precedent for the second. The person who has brought up this issue now claims that we are liable because we tabled one and not the other. He is calling for another meeting to rescind the second vote and strike it from the minutes. This doesn't seem right to me, but I am not an expert on this. I would appreciate your input.
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