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  1. Thank you very much for your comprehensive response. Because, as you pointed out, the proposed rule would not be in order and because we would like to define the duties of the committee, I am just going to add the committee to the bylaws. You have been a great help.
  2. Our bylaws list the standing committees and their duties, and also they say, "Special committees may be created by the Chapter and shall be composed of those members it appoints." We want to create another committee without adding it to the bylaws, so I am proposing that we make a standing rule that creates a special committee that is permanent. I am also drafting some bylaw amendments, and I want to know if I can put both bylaw amendments and standing rules into the same resolution; the former requires a two-thirds vote and the latter a majority vote. My drafted resolution follows, but I
  3. Thank you for your help. I had seen some articles online saying that resolutions should be signed, but we have never done this. Our minutes are signed by our secretary, though. Resolutions, which are not necessarily amendments to our bylaws, are simply given a number in the order that they are submitted to our secretary. The number is not meant to indicate anything; it is just used to identify the resolution. The minutes would read, "The Bylaws Chairman moved the adoption of Resolution No. 2020-01. The resolution was adopted." A copy of all of the resolutions are kept in a file with
  4. I am the Bylaws Chairman of my organization, and amendments to our bylaws are proposed mostly in the form of written resolutions, which are numbered. I was wondering if they need to be signd (only if adopted, I assume). If they need to be signed, by whom do they need to be signed? Thank you for any information. Edit: Punctuation.
  5. Thank you all for your help. I will make sure to look out for future amendments and rescinsions. On the document I made of the standing rules, I have numbered each of them in the order that they were adopted and then on the next line right below each rule it says, “Adopted on D Month, YYYY.” This way, people can find the minutes of the meeting that day if they want to read them. We have never amended or rescinded a standing rule, as we do not have many of them; but, if we did, I think I would treat the document similarly to the Bylaws document. If we rescinded one, I would delete it
  6. If a member of my org. moved, for example, that a given strip of parking spots be reserved for members of the Executive Committee, and the motion was adopted, does it constitute a standing rule? He did not explicitly state that he was creating a standing rule—as I am sure almost no one in my org. knows what that is—but both the intent and effect was the creation of a permanent rule. He also did not state that he was creating a bylaw. The org. has done this a few times—created a rule by a motion that has a permanent effect. I have gone through the minutes and compiled these as standing rul
  7. Thank you. In my case, there is no Bylaws Committee, and it is just me--the Bylaws Secretary. So I guess I would say, "I move that, as a substitute for the present Bylaws, the bylaws I submitted be adopted." Would that suffice?
  8. I am revising the Bylaws of my Chapter, which I understand strikes out the entirety of the existing Bylaws and adopts the proposed revision as the new set of bylaws. The revision is 12 pages long, and I sent a copy of the revision to every member in advance of the meeting, and I will have a printed copy at the meeting. I think that the motion to adopt the resoltion would be something like, "I move the adoption of the resolution relating to the revision of the Bylaws, which I have delivered to the Secretary." If I were to write a resolution proposing the revision, what would it read exactly? Wo
  9. Hello, Our Bylaws prescribe that the Vice President of our Society shall serve as chairman of its Executive Committee. Shall I address him as Mr. President or Mr. Vice President at the Executive Committe meetings? Also, when I write, "...the [President/Vice President] being in the chair, and the Secretary being present," in the minutes, should I write President or Vice president in that instance? Thank you for your help.
  10. When I said "without a name" I meant that he did not write his own name on the ballot, which we require, but he did write the name of the person he voted for.
  11. Robert's Rules, 11th ed., includes an example tellers' report. I am taken to understand that I am to include it, in that form, in the meeting minutes. This is how it looks in the minutes I took: "A ballot vote was held, and the Secretary and Vice President counted the ballots. The chair announced the results of the Treasurer election: Number of votes cast........................................... 40 Necessary for election......................................... 21 Mr. A received............................... 16 Mr. B received.................................. 12
  12. Alright, thank you, jstackpo. That was helpful. From your example, in my minutes would I put quotes around only “with...speed” and “when...aligned”? This is what I took you to mean. P.s., you spelt my name wrong.
  13. Hello, I am the secretary for our Society, and there have been amendments made to the bylaws at the last couple of meetings. I am not sure how to format this in the minutes. I think I have learned how and been able to format motions in the minutes well, in general; but, specifically, I am not sure what the right form is when amendments to the bylaws are moved or when the adoption of a resolution amending the bylaws is moved. Please, give me some guidance, and include examples in both the form of a motion and resolution. Thank you for your help and your time.
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