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    Adoption or Acceptance of Reports

    Thank you. I will study on the pages you referenced. Do you have an example or explanation of why an assembly would want to endorse the entire report as its own statement? Does the assembly decide this on its own, or does the chair make that determination?
  2. I am the chair of a rather large Board of Directors that includes several officers and 9 standing committee chairs. During our monthly meetings, each officer and committee chair has the opportunity to provide a report (so 12 reports!). Most of the time, the reports contain a status update with no request for the Board. In previous years (under previous chairs), after each report was given, the chair would ask for a motion to accept the report. And then a vote would happen. This motion and vote would occur regardless of the content of the report. Also, if there were actions/recommendations to the Board, these would be provided as specific motions and addressed individually at the end of the report (before the report was accepted). In the cases where there is no recommendation or request of the Board in the report (i.e. information only), I would like to not ask for a motion to accept the report. I have a few questions regarding Section 54: Adoption and Acceptance of Reports: Am I interpreting part 1 correctly that the report does not need to be accepted if it is informational only. So I can move from one report to the next with no 'acceptance' motion & vote? Should I allow questions or comments on the report by the assembly? How do I or the Board determine when a report should be accepted? Such as the Auditing Committee Report "When the auditing committee reports, this report should be accepted, or adopted, which carries with it the endorsement of the financial report." Are there other reports that should be endorsed by the Board?