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  1. Thank you , it appears after reading the provincial society act, a special resolution means a 2/3 vote. Thank You Jstackpo and Atul Kapur. LOL , Richard Brown We are a non profit society .
  2. What is a special resolution . . A board director can only be removed by special resolution , What is a special resolution. A group of members are making a motion that the entire board or directors be replaced . Not one but the entire board.
  3. When a motion is added to the minutes must the persons name be recorded in the minutes that made the motion. Who seconded it and who moved it.
  4. Our president resigned , vice is now president and took over . The resigned president claims she has the full privileges as is assign a past president , The term of office she resigned from ends 2019. So can she attend all executive meeting and vote as our past president has privilege to do?
  5. Is there any chapter or verse in Roberts rules that will strengthen this position .
  6. President resigned, vice president stepped up to fill the spot . The question is, for how long does the vice hold the position ?. Our club holds election every year , President and directors positions are 2 year positions and it is staggered so only half come up for re election each year. The president's position is not due for re-election until this fall 2019. Does the vice president hold this position until 2019 or is it shortened and put in for a vote in this years election fall 2018 ? Our bylaws do not address this problem .
  7. President refuses to change minutes of council meeting even though 4 out of 7 directors find the minutes not a good representative of the meeting , people were named in minutes and conversations quoted falsely. President says she will only change if someone has better notes then her. How can we force her to change minutes?
  8. I think it was, but minutes do not show it . They do not even show that the speaker member was asked to leave while it was discussed in private . So I guess we will have to assume it was not executive session. This will not happen again . This has really helped me a lot and we need to get thing running better and , You guys ROCK. đŸ˜‰
  9. Yes this was a meeting of the board , president vice president treasurer , secretary and directors . We had a speaker and after they were done they were asked them to leave so we could speak ,feely privately.
  10. Minutes . We had a speaker presenting a problem with club policy at executive meeting . After speaker finished presenting case she was asked to leave so executives could openly discuss issue. When executive minutes were sent to membership, conversations and opinions of one executive were quoted several times and not from any other member , not even the presidents opinions were entered. Since these conversations were private in executive should they have been sent to membership. Should one NAMED members opinions be singled out and sent to membership in minutes. Can minutes once excepted be changed if it is found inaccuracies existed
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