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  1. I belong to a small nonprofit club. If some members do not agree with a decision made by the board, what is the correct action to take - if any? Am I correctly interpreting Robert's Rules if I tell my fellow discontented members that we need to give a notice to the club that we plan on asking for the decision to be rescinded? I was reading that if notice is not given, then the new motion has to be approved by 2/3 or the majority of the entire membership? If so, how do you know whether the approval has to come from 2/3 or majority? Or is there no recourse? I looked the bylaws and they state that the Board is given authority to manage the club's affairs and they shall adopt policies as they deem necessary, so I don't think the decision they made was outside their scope of power. I'm trying to figure out if we have anything we can do to overturn the decision - also how to do it the correct way.
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