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  1. We have a Board and the bylaws are not very thorough. We are working on drafting new bylaws. “At least four Officers of the @@@@ Athletic Booster Club and any number of active due paying members shall be necessary for a quorum at any general meeting: majority of all members to any committee shall constitute thereof. Members are eligible to vote on any @@@@@ Athletic Booster Club business if all dues have been paid and they have attended at least two (2) prior meetings. The Booster Club will elect to electronic voting if needed. Each member will have 72 hours to respond to the electronic vote before the decision is made.” The problem is - we haven’t had two meetings and no one has paid dues yet, so technically, there aren’t any “active” members.
  2. We just changed Officers for our Booster Club. The Booster Club is currently not a non-profit. We want it to be. Does this election need to be a member vote? Or is the decision to gain non-profit status made by the Officers?
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