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  1. Has there been any movement in the last five years for the creation of a mobile app for RONR? Something similar to the eCode Search app?
  2. Atul, Thank for your thoughts. Yes indeed, I do plan on purchasing Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised In Brief, I have learned the shortcomings of a non-official companion to the RORN. The for Dummies version is a good read but I need direct reference (1:1) for conducting business in meetings without wasting others time. Thanks again, Atul.
  3. Zev, Thanks for the support. I guess only the person that commits an action truly knows what their intent is and I didn’t mean it to be “trickery”. I just picked the book up to start reading on how to make motions and what happens if there is no second. I am sensitive to the concept of not being more formal than needed but this is something that anyone could have read through if they wanted to. The sad thing is that the members who are not happy with me, for the most part, have been doing this for much longer than I. Thanks again Zev and to everyone who has commented so far. I appreciate your insight.
  4. Gary, My apologies, on the book title, I am using Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition. Thanks for the input. I think I am just having some trouble reading a companion book written in layman’s terms and then finding the exact text it is meant to reference in the official Robert’s Rules. Thanks for response, it has been very helpful.
  5. Basically, I am new to this so I was reading through Roberts Rules for Dummies to just try to get up to speed and be able to sound reasonably intelligent when I was making my first ever motion. I understand that some might have thought it was bad form but I am still learning this and it was written in the book and I interpreted it as a useful tool. I really wasn’t trying to trick anyone although I think there will be some fence mending needed in the near future.
  6. Zev, Nobody said anything at that point at the lack of a second. I think everyone was taken aback. Someone handed me a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order New Edition and wanted me to find it. Well I found the passage referenced here by George Mervosh but I guess it wasn’t registering to me as the same thing I read in the book Roberts Rules for Dummies. The attorney present really couldn’t find the exact wording either but we were both on the page with the passage George Mervosh mentioned and he suggested that he couldn’t say this passage either confirmed or was not correct so he just suggested that the motion be seconded so as we could move on to discussion which is what all I wanted anyway.
  7. GWCD, Mostly, they were taken aback that I indicated that by talking about the motion, my understanding was that counted as a second. Basically, the majority didn’t want to discuss it but one of them did anyway and that is when I made the statement that that counted as a second. I am new to this and had been reading through Robert’s Rules for Dummies to help me get up to speed on content in Robert’s Rules of Order New Edition. I had no intent on trickery but as I read it and it was a companion to the official Robert’s Rules, it was a valid point.
  8. Richard, Thank you for your input. I guess the main point of wonder for me is what constitutes debate on a motion. I made a motion in a meeting and there was no initial second but another member started talking about the motion and based on what I read in the book that made reference to Roberts Rules, I made the assertion that that counted as a second based on the fact that a discussion on the matter had been initiated. It didn’t make people very happy but as I understood it, that was how it worked (or could work). This was my first ever motion following parliamentary procedures and I thought I was following the rules but I think some thought it was slightly underhanded. That was not my intent and I am continuing to make sure I have a comprehensive understanding of this particular instance. Thanks again for your input, it helps clarify my thoughts.
  9. George, thank you for the response. Hmm, I was hoping that there would be an almost identical passage in Robert’s Rules of Order. As I assumed, this might be a problem with using a book such as Robert’s Rules for Dummies. Finding exact references. Thanks again George.
  10. In a meeting I cited a passage from Robert’s Rules for Dummies (3rd Edition) which referenced Roberts Rules of Order (11th Edition) and I am trying to find the exact text in Robert’s Rules 11th Edition that is referenced but I haven’t been able to. The text I quoted from Robert’s Rules for Dummies is found on page 92, fifth paragraph and states “However, if someone rises and starts making comments in support or opposition (even without being recognized by the chair or without saying “Second”, the motion is considered seconded because another member has expressed interest in discussing the motion.” I am still looking for the text in the official Robert’s Rules of Order 11th Edition but I don’t know if it is a literal reference or paraphrasing but either way I want to find the passages that support my citation in the meeting in the official Robert’s Rules. If anyone has experience to help me find the pages containing the text I am searching for, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance, ALDiablo PS, This is my first time using parliamentary procedure so I apologize if my request isn’t very polished.
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