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  1. Right you are, Joshua...no dock, and thanks again to all. I need to be more assertive with ensuring that we adhere to RRs in our meetings. John
  2. Fellows, The original motion was to purchase a new dock for a landing on the lake. The subsequent motion, and not an amendment to the original motion was to not purchase a new dock but to review the need/situation in a year. The motions were related but in opposition to each other. That there was a seconded motion on the floor was not addressed but ignored and it fell by the wayside. Thanks again. John
  3. Thank you Mr. Harrison and Mr. Katz. I think I got the answer, "Next meeting is too late", but there other options to deal with the issue. Yes, it should have been dealt with when the second motion was made but it wasn't. Our association seldom has contentious issues and is out of practice with actively using RROO. This is my big take away. Thanks again. John
  4. At the recent meeting of our association a motion was made and seconded and a vigorous discussion began. Another motion was made and seconded. It was pointed out that there already was a seconded motion was on the floor. The question was called on the second motion and voted on with approval granted. Can a member bring up this as an illegal motion at the next meeting and present the original motion to reopen discussion? Thank you!
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