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  1. An item on our agenda came up. A motion was made to approve it, seconded and discussion. During the discussion it was determined that we were missing something. So a motion to lay on the table until next meeting (I believe it should have been a motion to postpone, but it was made to table). It was seconded and passed unanimously. So when it comes up next meeting, how should we proceed if we wanted to follow Robert’s? Does someone make a motion to bring from the table, or is it implied since the motion to table specified the next meeting, is it already “there” for discussion on the agenda? (Is is the same if the item was postponed to the next meeting? Does it need a motion to be brought up at the next meeting?) Also, since there was a motion and second to approve it before it was tabled, is that motion still active when we discuss it? Or does someone need to again make a motion to approve the item.
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