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  1. Would you please provide the RONR citation? Thanks in advance.
  2. The thought was that unlike most societies, the majority of the entire membership could actually be present to vote at a meeting and that voting block would trump requirements such as previous notice. However, the majority of the entire membership does not offer any solutions to the quorum problem. Never being able to reach a quorum would seem to preclude even dissolution of the society. RONR (12th ed.) 55:6. This seems like the only available option for the remaining members.
  3. What corrective actions can be taken when the voting threshold is a "Majority of the entire membership"?
  4. A member who did not vote on the prevailing side moved to suspend the rules interfering with reconsideration and reconsider the adopted motion. We have a divided opinion as to whether the presiding officer must put the question on reconsideration to a separate vote or consider both motions as combined RONR (11th ed.) p. 262 ll. 8-17. One of the debated points was what effect if any the two-thirds vote for suspending the rules has on the majority vote needed for reconsideration. Can the presiding officer process the motions of suspend the rules and reconsideration together, and if adop
  5. In the overall importance of the society's business, this does not rise to a pressing and serious issue. However, several board members disagree with that opinion. This does serve as a reminder to the current board and members that ambiguous language must be avoided at all costs to prevent future unnecessary debate.
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