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  1. Let's say there are meeting minutes that have been approved. However, the meeting minutes are inaccurate or incomplete for some reason. Let's say there's an audio recording of the meeting where we can clearly hear what happened and clearly hear the exact motion that was passed. What officially takes precedence - what really happened or what is written in the minutes?
  2. Thanks for this. I had been wondering if a person holding two positions would get multiple votes. Do you know where in RONR it states the person will only have one vote even if they hold two positions?
  3. Let's say the committee adopts the agenda. Near the end of the meeting, a member brings up a controversial item for discussion that is not on the agenda. Is this prohibited since the item is not on the agenda? That is of course assuming there is no 2/3rds vote to amend the agenda. Let's say there's an item on the agenda that provides time for "Miscellaneous" and the controversial item of discussion was brought up then. Is that allowed? I feel that is somewhat unacceptable since controversial of discussion should be placed on the agenda ahead of time to allow people time to prepare for debate. What do the official rules say though? If it is acceptable to bring it up in a "Miscellaneous" section of the agenda, what should one do? Debate the approval of the agenda saying "Miscellaneous" sections should not be placed on agendas?
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