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  1. Is there anything in RONR (putting aside all Bylaws and assuming my club complies with RONR) that allows me to cancel, postpone, etc. a special meeting if I am the subject matter of the meeting? Ie. if the purpose of the meeting is to remove me from the board and I am out of town, can I cancel, postpone, etc. the special meeting? This probably doesn't exist, but just double checking. Thank you!
  2. Katz, thank you for your response. Yes, our Bylaws give the President the authority to call a special meeting, and he stated in the notice that he is calling a special board meeting. ”Special Board Meetings may be called by the President and shall be called upon written request of three Board Members.” Our Bylaws states the following regarding terms of office: ”The term of office for an elected Board member shall be fore two (2) years.” Our Bylaws provide nothing regarding discipline.
  3. Brief Background The organization I am a part of is just starting up. We have official Bylaws, but we have an "interim" or "acting" board. The people currently serving on the board decided to step up and take on the positions at meetings in front of the membership. In fact, I am the Treasurer of the board. Our Bylaws provided that the first election for the new board will be in February of 2020. Issue: The President just sent out a notice to the board that he is calling a special meeting. The purpose is "to remove the acting Treasurer for failing to perform his fiduciary respons
  4. What action do you recommend I take in this situation?
  5. No, we are acting board members in the sense that when the group of people came together to start the Club, they decided to select people to be in an officer role to help guide the Club as it began. The Bylaws were later adopted which provided a provision to allow the current unofficial (acting) board members to continue their duties until the end of the year. So we will have elections in December. The newly elected members will take office on January 1, 2020. Ok, thank you! That's what I thought.
  6. KERR COUNTY PATRIOTS CLUB AGENDA PRAYER APPROVAL OF MINUTES, October 28, 2019 VICE PRESIDENT Ashli Badders UNFINISHED BUSINESS Item 1 Bylaws have been completed and are available for viewing Item 2 Signup sheet for those interested in helping decorate KCPC Christmas float (Susan Deininger & Ruth Cremin) Item 3 Nominations for next year’s officers/ board members (Clayson Lambert) Item 4 Committee member activity reports/comments Political Research Committee: Comments on the School Board NEW BUSINESS Item 1 General Memberships activities, comments and local concerns Sp
  7. I have several questions regarding the procedures that were taken by the Club President to "reschedule" a meeting and other information. The Club just became official in October of this year and currently has "acting" Board members. I am serving on the Board. I have attached a copy of my club's Bylaws for your reference. We are subject to the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised. Every other week on Monday, the membership has a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Before that, the board holds it's regular meetings at 5:30 p.m. (on the same day). This past Monday, the Preside
  8. Can someone please point out to me when is RONR it says that a chair's ruling is, in essence, the decision of the assembly (considering it is not appealed). Thank you!
  9. Background Info: I am the president of a student council that follows RONR. I have been audio recording (with my phone) every council meeting for my own record and to confirm the minutes have all relevant information. The council has a standing committee (Parent Advisory Committee) made up of three adult members of the Association to advise the council. The committee members are appointed by the Board of Directors (our parent body). At the last meeting of the Council, an advisor told me I was not allowed to record the meetings anymore because one member of the Board of Directo
  10. I'm wanting to adopt two rules (below) for a student council I am a member of. Would you suggest these be adopted as standing rules or special rules of orders? No matter how much I read up on it I still get the two confused and what would apply as a standing rule and a special rule of order. Thank you! ARTICLE ??. ORDER OF BUSINESS Section 1.1 - Order of Business. The order of business for meetings shall be as follows: Call to Order Roll Call Invocation Introduction of Visitors Officers and HCHSA Members Open Forum 1. Adoption of Agenda 2. Approval of Minutes
  11. What specific wording would you recommend to amend the bylaws so it makes more sense? I would like to propose an amendment prior to the annual meeting so there is not confusion. Thanks! ARTICLE V. MEETINGS Section 5.1 - Regular Meetings. Regular meetings shall be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 12:30 p.m. from September to May of the following year inclusive unless otherwise ordered by the Council. Section 5.2 - Annual Meetings. The regular meeting on the second Tuesday in May shall be known as the annual meeting. The purpose of the meeting shall be
  12. Great! Thank you for providing me with your thoughts! How would you recommend the bylaws be clarified? I'm open to all suggestions to make it easier moving forward.
  13. Thank you for that clarification! So do you believe that the quorum consists of those who attend the meeting? Previously, all middle and high school students vote to elect officers. This is also provided in our Constitution and Bylaws (quoted below). "Section 3.3 - Voting. Following speeches, officers shall be elected by ballot unless there is only one candidate in which case the candidate shall be elected by viva-voce. All HCHSA middle and high school students shall have the right to vote in elections. The nominee receiving the majority votes will be elected into offi
  14. Only the Student Council members are allowed to participate as a member during regular/special meetings. Our Association members consists of adults and students (grades K-12). The Association has a Board of Directors which consists of the parents. The Board created the Student Council. The reason sec. 5.2 specifies who can participate during annual meetings is to provide a grade limit. We always have a quorum of the Council members present at meetings. I am just curious if we have an annual meeting, does that now expand the number for a quorum because now there are more students part
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