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  1. This site is immensely valuable! Thank you so much!
  2. Thank you all for responding. Revisiting...Josh, just to be clear...we are talking about 2 different things....required to read out loud at a meeting AND required to read and corrected before approval. So I gather if the minutes have been distributed AND adequate time allowed for reading them has been allocated a member must REQUEST an out loud reading. I understand reading is required.....but gather reading out loud at each board meeting is NOT required...it is only accommodated upon request...is that correct?
  3. I am a new secretary. Our HOA board has had a practice of distributing minutes as members enter meeting....allowing members time to read and offer corrections, then approve them. This has been done the past 5 years. Last night a new board member stated the minutes had to be read out loud according to RR's unless otherwise stated in bylaws. I have read the rules now and see options, like voting to waive it, on this but my question is this... WHY? In order to address this from a perspective other than' It's RR's'. What is the purpose, significance to reading them out loud? Thank you,
  4. Roberts rules for dummies So...let's say our board is addressing a motion to change the pool to a salt pool. As secretary I can address that issue the same as all other board member in turn. And all debate has ended and the question presented by the chair...I can vote? Just to be clear, not addressing a vote affecting one's self...and what I was reading that confused me is a difference in the Board meeting and a full Member meeting addressing things like elections and bylaws...I know I could vote there but in our monthly general business meeting there seems to be a consensus of officers cannot vote...only the 9 directors Odd...our board has held the consensus without any specified RULE that that office cannot. So HOW does this affect the concept of a quorum? Our bylaws designate directors and 3 officers. I was under the understanding that our Quorum is 5...the majority of 9. Is it instead a majority of 12? Or does the quorum remain 5 and the officers don't count? I know this is an extension of my first question. IF I need to ask for clarification in a seperate thread just let me know.
  5. I have read several things that have left me unclear. We are an HOA board of 9 directors, a President, VP and Sec./Treasurer. ALL are elected positions by the membership annually. I am pondering running for the upcoming vacancy of Secretary/Treasurer. Will I be sacrificing my right to debate and vote? I understand in our annual member meeting officers can vote in ballot. But I read two different things regarding voting rights of OFFICERS. Thank you
  6. The president canceled the meeting finally acknowledging that without us there is no quorum. so I am mailing the letter and I was very careful Mr. Martin to avoid the wording you pointed out are inaccurate and implemented the statement that it is the President's responsibility to verify the information I presented and to inform the board so we can just move forward. I am sending the letter certified.
  7. What I mean is the decision is his to accept these facts and take charge or block it.
  8. Josh, based on my letter after rereading it. I did not ASK...I am attaching it here. Based on this I am still a little fuzzy on going forward due to expecting resistance from 2 of the remaining 3...I am still fuzzy on my next step when attending the meeting Monday. One point not added to the mix because I did not see it's relevance...the President has since OFFICIALLY resigned and the VP is the presiding president. Should I write him a letter stating the fact that I did withdraw my request to be relieved of duty before the next assembly therefore I a still a member citing RONR and Fact 18 along with a statement that the 3 remaining members are no longer a quorum so the decision is his? He is not familiar with Roberts Rules but has agreed we should apply them going forward.
  9. Since that was presumed and not questioned by them it would likely not be in the minutes...just the action taken.
  10. Since it is likely this event was recorded in the minutes should that be when the POO is raised? When the minutes are presented for approval?
  11. Ok...short synopsis of what I face...this is an extension of my previous question regarding resignation/quorum concerns. This blow up took place in January meeting because after consulting with an attorney a course of action was deemed not legally sustained by our current bylaws and even though the direction was supported by the POA members unanimous vote in 2015 the correct paper work was not presented and filed by our former attorney. Some members, who clearly wanted to exploit our weak moment argued that rather than allow the attorney to draw up corrected documents to remedy that, we should completely revise our bylaws...the blow up prevented an consensus or quorum vote. In the nest meeting that I did not attend a vote of a quorum is stated in the minutes as, "The second order of business discussed moving forward with ____________law frim on getting bylaws legal. ____recommendation was that we move ahead with this plan of action. The motion was made by ____ and seconded. The board voted with 100% carry of motion". The minutes do not contain any of the recommendations that preceded this. I was TOLD it was recommended each member bring in 2 suggestions for change to be discussed and sent to the attorney. Here is hiccup #2 At the NEXT meeting that was diminished to 3 that view themselves as a legal quorum (questionable based on state law) a COMMITTEE of 2 was formed to revise the bylaws. I am uncertain how to proceed. My OBJECTIVE is to challenge the formation of this committee with a motion to challenge the legality of the 3 party quorum claim. . The objective is to get them to rescind their previous decision voluntarily or force the issue back to the attorney. Should I enter a POINT of Order regarding their previous actions based on my belief they are in error ...they will intend to blast forward so my actions must be consistent with RR's of order. Or should I make the motion to suspend any action until an attorney rules and then within the DEBATE present the option of rescinding since we will have returned to what is without question a legal quorum of 5. My terms may not be accurate here as I am just learning the language.
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