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  1. That would seem to be inconsistent with the guidance provide on page 649 line 21. I cannot see any way around the idea that censure is anything but a public rebuke. As such how can it be considered anything but disciplinary in nature? In this case the Representative making the motion to censure tried the case in the local newspaper and on television. The special meeting called for the censure motion was a spectacular spectacle and did more to damage the reputation of the board than the behavior of the member censured. The justification for the approach taken hinges on the footnote on page 643. Instead of an investigative process taking place in executive session we had a week of sensational headlines and news stories. I fear your interpretation, no offense intended, is subject to continued abuse.
  2. Our board entertained a motion to censure based on behavior that did not take in a meeting without following formal disciplinary procedures. Is the footnote on page 643 limited to the circumstances outlined on page 646 line 28 ? In other words limited to behavior occurring in a meeting where voting members are witness. Or can the footnote on page 643 by applied to the Offenses Elsewhere Than in a Meeting found on page 649. It would seem to me the footnote on page 643 warns of the possibility found on page 646 line 28.
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