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  1. I know that in Robert's Rules, it is pretty vague in regards to Special Meetings, and that if nothing is in the Bylaws surrounding certain aspects then it is left up in the air? We have a chair who wants to call a special meeting, which in and of itself is a violation of our bylaws as it clearly states that it has to come from council as a majority vote. But what it doesn't say is how much time they have to give before the meeting. Are they able to set it for tomorrow or the day after? I would say that the topic that needs to be discussed is something that needs time to be thought through
  2. One of the many flaws of our organization is the way that they handle voting. There is a spot on the ballot for abstentions. If the members use the ballot and mark abstention, since technically they filled out the ballot, does this action count as a vote? I know RONR defines a majority by members present and voting. This is why I ask because our bylaws don't give an abstention a definition, nor do they define majority in our bylaws, and instead say that any lapses are covered by Robert's Rules.
  3. Some background before I get to the root of my query. We are a student government organization representing about 30,000 students. We recently had elections for President and Vice president. Our voting procedure is as follows: Nominations are made. The following council meeting debates are held and the council votes. There are three rounds of voting; the first two rounds require quorum, the last requires simple majority. One the ballot the only options were the single ticket running, or to reopen nominations. During the second round of voting the nominations were reopened, no other t
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