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  1. No, that is the business of the meeting at that time. The chairman of the committee will approach the lectern to announce award winners, and the President will remain in a staging area to present the award and take photos. In the process of presenting donations, the donor will announce his/her name and then proceed to the staging area of the President for the purpose of passing the donation on and photos.
  2. Can a family member of a potential candidate serve on the nominating committee?
  3. Our organization supplies potential candidates with an application to complete with their preference of office/s. Are individuals interested in running for an office required to complete the resume, or can anyone approach the nominating committee and request to be interviewed for any of the available offices? The resume contains basic information - name, address, contact information, and service history with the organization. It is a one-page document.
  4. To clarify - we are trying to establish the best practice for the nominating committee only. These individuals are the ones who meet to determine a potential slate; however, the potential slate is only recommended and not final. In terms of the nominating committee, would it be acceptable to use the plurality vote process to determine the presented slate, where each member of the committee would vote, and the candidate with the lowest number of votes would be eliminated? The committee would then continue to vote until one candidate had the absolute plurality.
  5. Our organization has a nominating committee comprised of 21 members. If three or more candidates are being considered for a single position would plurality vote be in order where the individual with the most votes receives the nomination? Or, if the ballots cast do not provide for one of the candidates to receive a majority of the votes (11), would the committee have to continue balloting until a majority is reached? Our bylaws do not address this.
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