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  1. I wasn't sure that I actually had the choice to refuse. Thank you!
  2. We are a post-secondary student organization. Our advisors are professors. One of the advisors in my instructor for the class that I'm taking.
  3. Our organization is a post-secondary student organization. The advisors are professors, who have paid dues and are, therefore, considered members under the rules of our organization. The advisors refrain from voting.
  4. Yes, that's correct. I was making the distinction between notes that only make sense to me and draft minutes that have not yet been approved by the assembly.
  5. Background Information I am the secretary for a volunteer organization. We have two advisors, who are not officers. I bring a laptop to each meeting and take minutes by typing my notes into a software program. I then transcribe my raw notes to create the unapproved meeting minutes. My Conundrum and My Question Group Advisor Number 1 has requested that I forward my raw, un-transcribed meeting notes to her because: 1. She can't remember what was decided at the meeting. 2. Group Advisor Number 1 needs to update Group Advisor Number 2, who did not attend the meeting. 3. Group Advisor Number 1 is in a hurry. Is this a proper request? Why or why not? Thank you in advance!
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