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  1. At today's Board meeting, a Board member read and presented a motion to the Board, however, her oral presentation of the motion had a little intentional variance in the wording of the motion than that, that was printed in the Agenda. Another Board member questioned whether the difference warranted an amendment to the motion because the text was different than the motion that was orally presented. The Chairman said that the motion need not be amended because the motion was not actually presented to the Board until it was presented in the form of a motion by the Board member. Basically saying t
  2. I'm a bit confused. Mr. Gerber stated the following in a previous post titled "Membership is less than quorum?" Mr. Gerber stated, "RONR doesn't recognize any such thing as a "dormant member". If you can get *all* the members to attend a meeting, then the quorum rule could be suspended in order to amend the bylaws or to admit new members. (RONR (12th ed.) 25:10n8)" But RONR 12th ed. 25:10 footnote 8 states that "An elected or appointed body that lacks the authority to determine its own quorum may not suspend the quorum requirement, even if all members are present." Can someone p
  3. Is it typical or even recommended to establish a Standing Committee within a Standing Committee?
  4. The Bylaws state in its preamble, "WHEREAS the corporation’s intent to engage in the business of real estate is solely for the function of accepting foreclosure assignment of real estate in xxxxx,(city name) from the Recreation Centers of xxxxxxx for the purpose of collecting all amounts due the xxxxxxx (recreation centers of xxxx) and associated legal and collection costs." The Article of Corporation however say, "ARTICLE II - INITIAL BUSINESS; The Corporation initially intends to engage in the business of real estate" Question: Can the corporation do dealings in any and all transac
  5. Sorry Mr. Elsman...spell check screw-up!
  6. Thank you. I can understand your confusion as it is my frustration! Mr. Feldman has it about right and our muscular set of rules.
  7. Well, it's listed within the same Article in the Bylaws under Board Meetings as my previous post requiring a 7 day notice prior to all Board meetings except Executive and Special Session.
  8. They are in the Bylaws: "The XXXX Board of Directors may hold a planning session quarterly or as needed to discuss issues or to garner information from the General Manager. These sessions will be open for attendance by Members who will not be allowed to comment. These sessions will be video recorded and posted on the XXXX website."
  9. You're right about that....the Article of Corporation gives the Board the sole power to "amend, modified revise, and revoke" the Bylaws, so even IF the General Membership at the annual General Membership Meeting were to pass a motion/amendment, (like reducing the annual dues) the Board could just reverse and wipe it away! The Planning Meeting is similar to a Board meetings. They are open to the general membership however general members are not allowed to make any comments about what they are discussing unlike at regular Board meetings. Planning meetings are "suppose" to be meetings where
  10. Corporate Bylaws state: "At least seven (7) days prior to all Board meetings, excluding Executive and Special Sessions, an agenda, subject to amendment, shall be posted in XXXX Facilities and/or on the XXXX website....." Wouldn't a Planning Meeting of the Board require the same Previous Notice as any other meeting of the Board (except Executive and Special Session). Planning Meetings don't necessarily always happen on the same day as a Board Meeting as happened today!
  11. I hope you can follow this! The Agenda for today's Board meeting included a power-point presentation from a Standing Committee. The Agenda was amended to remove the power-point presentation from the current Board Meeting and move it to a Planning Meeting which would take place immediately after the Board Meeting. A Point of Order was raised because the Agenda for the Planning Meetings also requires a 7 day previous notice, and the Agenda of the Planning Meeting was never given (the same Board Members who denied the power-point presentation would also be attending the Planning Me
  12. So are you then saying then, that a non-board member who is a member of the board's standing committee can therefore be invited by a single board member (who by the way is the chairman of that standing committee) to make the presentation at a board meeting. Note that all board meetings are open meetings and allow non-board members but members of the corporation to attend. RONR citation please! Thanks
  13. P.S. A Board member is the chairman of that Standing Committee.
  14. Even if the task given to the Standing Committee was by the Board? Then, must the report be given by a Board member only?
  15. Can a member of a standing Committee be denied to give a PowerPoint report to the board simply because he is not a member of the board?
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