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  1. Josh, To your point of how meetings are scheduled, here's the exact verbiage (minus the formatting) in our bylaws: Types of Meetings The B2 Resident Council will conduct the following types of meetings: Regular Meetings will be held: o Monthly o On the Sunday before the normal building meeting o Starting at 2pm in the lobby o And adjourned in under 90 minutes (recess is optional) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Annual Meetings will be held: o Yearly, as close to anniversary date as possible o On the Sunday before the normal building meeting o Starting at 2pm in the lobby o To celebrate the previous year’s accomplishments o To include special activities -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Meetings: o Must be called by president o Address business that can’t wait until the next regular meeting o Do not require previous minutes be approved o Must be adjourned in under 90 minutes (recess is optional) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope that makes sense...thanks again! Clay
  2. Hi Josh! We are planning to amend our bylaws to address the issue and conditions under which a meeting can be postponed...thanks! Clay
  3. Hi, Atul and Josh, neither our current bylaws nor standing rules specifically address the postponing of meetings (of course now we a have a reason to amend them). However, the bylaws do state that the president has unlimited delegation authority, and will always make decisions that are "in the best interest of the council membership". Ironically, it was a few random members that snowballed, and suggested we consider changing the date for this one time. Hope that makes sense...thanks! Clay
  4. Hi jstackpo, I agree with you. Incidentally, the member was concerned that it will have been over 35 days since our last "monthly" regular meeting as required in our bylaws. The "we" included the Pres., Vice Pres., Treasurer, Board Chair and one of the standing committee chairs. It was scheduled for Sunday the 1st of Sept, but postponed earlier today ( Aug 23rd) and moved to Sep 8th. Clay
  5. Hello, Due to a set of unique circumstances, we postponed our regular monthly meeting and decided to hold it a week later, at the same time, location, agenda items etc. How would the newly scheduled meeting be classified? One of our members adamantly feels that the new meeting should be considered a "Special Meeting". Your thoughts...thanks in advance! Clay www.b2council.in
  6. Awesome comments, just wanted to add that we are not HOA, but a recently formed resident council (http://www.b2council.in) located in a retirement community. Alexis Hunt, you bring up a great point so what we also have in place is a "Greeter & Buddy" Committee. The purpose of this committee is to welcome new residents , help them become acclimated to the building, provide them with information including a copy of our meeting schedule...hope that makes sense. Mega thanks!
  7. Hi Hieu, We rearranged the items on our agenda (on the fly) when our guest speaker, arrived really early for our monthly meeting. The goal was to ensure he had enough time to make his case.
  8. Hi, When should the motion to suspend the rules be included in the minutes? Thanks in advance.
  9. We also post meeting announcements on the bulletin boards in the common areas of our building...hope that helps. Thanks!
  10. Hello, After reading through countless sections of the 11th edition, things are unclear, so here goes...Our meetings are scheduled to be held at the same location and at the same time each month for the remainder of 2019. Question...if we provide a calendar with those dates to each member in advance, are we still required to issue an additional notice each month? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, For those of you with extensive meeting experience, how common is it to take pictures during regular meetings? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi Yes, the bylaws specifically state that all members who have ballot casting privileges as well those who hold positions on the governing body (Pres, VP, Treasurer, Secretary & Board Members) must be legal residents of the building. The Bylaws were ratified in April and incidentally, I have been performing in the role of Chair and Acting Secretary since June 2nd. Hope that clears things up...thanks.
  13. Hi Richard, Mega thanks for the feedback and here is more background info. Ours is one of three buildings (www.b2council.in) on this retirement campus. Based on the polled statements of several long time residents, (those living here over 10 years) disastrous results ensued whenever folks attempted to organize a council of any type. So we held an information session and invited the dwellers of the 107 units in our building. Unfortunately, one of the greatest common factors is, roughly 95% of residents in attendance at the mass meeting had NO experience or knowledge of Homeowner's Associations, Tenant's Associations, Resident Councils or similar type organizations. So, it became clear that we were also facing a huge education hurdle. Yes, because of the private make up of the community as a whole, our bylaws state that membership is restricted to those whose names are on the rental lease. Our bylaws encourage nominations from four sources (Chair, committee, petition & floor). Eventually, we plan to start accepting tax deductible donations, hence the interest in attaining 501(c3) classification. But to be viable, we must have a stable governing body. Hope that all makes sense...thanks!
  14. Hi Reelsman, Yes, our dissolution clause allows that to happen "with or without" cause. However, we are continually exploring creative ways to avoid that from happening so soon. Having just formed this year, we are currently "unincorporated" and are trying to stabilize ourselves enough to apply for 501 (c3) status in the next 6 months...
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